Monday, March 31, 2014


How fun is it to go out to lunch with an old friend? It's literally one of my favorite things to do. This past Saturday I had the pleasure of lunching with one of my very oldest (and hottest ) friends, Roz. You see, Roz is one of those friends that I live vicariously through. She is a manger/bahhtendah at a local haunt and has so many good stories to tell. We also spoke about doing some vlogs together in the near future! So stay tuned for that. I would also like to thank Roz for driving that day so this stay at home mom could have some wine after a long week. :)

This is a super old picture of us...but one of my favorite ones!

Trendabl is an app I discovered after, Morgan from the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (#RKOBH), was invited to cover a Trendabl event for her blog, Boobs&Loubs (love Morgan and her blog!) It is like the Instagram for fashion and style and all things pretty! I find myself refreshing my Trendabl feed multiple times a day and swooning over everything I see. If you are into fashion, I highly recommend this will not be disappointed! And, while you are at it...follow me! - @jboons34

Is there anything worse than waiting for an online order to come in? IMO, no. Since I only shop places that I can get free shipping, I am always left with the longest shipping option. I have two separate orders coming my way in the next few weeks and I can not wait until they get here so I can try everything on and swoon over it...per usual.