Wednesday, May 20, 2015


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Beth Stern (@BethOStern)

Howard Stern's beautiful wife - Beth - has the cutest of the cutest of Instagrams. All of her pictures are of her animals and foster animals (mainly cats). I find myself binging her page and screen-shot-ing many a photo to The Mister. You see, I really would like a new little fur baby running around these parts..


Steph The Hammer (@StephTheHammer)

Steph was my #WCW today. She is the World's first Crossfit Level 2 trainer with Cerebral Palsy and she is a rockstar. A lot of where my motivation to work out comes from people dealt a harder hand in this life. Steph says it best with a quote under one of her Insta-vids - "The ability to pick yourself up independently is a gift many take for granted." I can scroll though my feed of hot girls with nice abs all day and not feel an ounce of motivation...then I watch one of Steph's vids and know that if I have a body that works, I better be moving it as much as I can.

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Wayyy back when I was posting vlogs, I did a video called The Disney Tag. In said video, I mentioned Sarah Snitch and Leo Zombie...they are both Disney YouTubers (Yes, that's a thing). Sarah is a Disney connoisseur and Leo is a real life Disney Prince...Together with some of their other Disney-centric friends, they have created a YouTube Channel called Thingamavlogs.

Thingamavlogs is made up of 5 Youtubers -  Patrick, Leo, Sarah, Keith, and Tiffany. All of which have been in the online Disney community for quite some time. Monday - Friday they take turns feeding the Internet's hunger for Disney content. They are all living in the SoCal area at the moment and frequent Disneyland quite a bit! #jelly I highly recommend binging their channel and subscribing for more Disney fun! Their SnapChat is quite the hoot too!

Southern Charm

I was going over past blogs the other day and realized I have been yapping about this show for's really just THAT good of a show though. If you haven't started watching this show yet, you's such a good show to binge! I am so sad their season finale is next week but I am excited for the reunion in which Andy and T.Rav will discuss T.Rav's allegations that Andy goaded him (On an episode of Watch What Happens Live, no less) into running for state senate....yeah, let that sink in.

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I found this Arctic Monkeys song from 2006 the other day....Future apologies to my Spinners....this will be 3 mins of straight speed. :)

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ACE Group Fitness Manual & Ace's Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals....Cause that's literally all I have been reading for the past 5 months....My test is this Friday....I am a nervous test taker and generally suffer from NCD (No Chill Disorder) so naturally I am freaking out. After this test is over I will return to my normal reading repertoire of Disney related books and celebrity biographies so stay tuned for THAT excitement.