Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby on the Brain.

Blogging has gotten a little harder lately due to the fact that all of my crafts are pretty much none existent right now. I have been focusing on getting Baby C's nursery in tip top shape. I have read that the more time you spend on the nursery the less the baby actually sleeps in there. If there is any truth to that, he certainly won't be in there much! The nursery blog post with all the fun pictures and ideas is coming up soon. For now, I have created a "baby info plaque," if you will. And here's the best part - I did this for all under $10!

Here is the finished product, hung up in all it's glory - 

Now, on to how I created this masterpiece - 

Supplies -

1. 4 Clear plastic platters from the dollar store
2. White ribbon
3. Chalk board paint (something I already had and did not contribute to the $10 price tag)
4. Paint brush (ditto)
5. Hot glue gun (ditto)

Steps - 

First, start by painting the inside of your platters with your chalk board paint. (Tip I wish I had known beforehand - I am a perfectionist but chalk board paint is NOT perfect and will NEVER paint on perfectly. You will have some streaks and bumps. It's just the nature of the beast)

I used 4 coats of paint and made sure you couldn't see through any of the platters anymore.

After they are all dry set them up how you would like them to hang and flip them over.

Once they are set up to your liking glue two pieces of ribbon connecting each one and about a half an inch a part.

For the top ribbon (where the weight will be for hanging) glue a security piece. Don't be afraid to use A LOT of glue. There is nothing more frustrating than everything falling apart.

After all is said and done, write what you would like on the chalk board paint. I decided on - "Name," "Date," "Weight" & "Length."

Now, Baby's C's nursery is black and white because I am extremely color-phobic. However, you can get chalkboard paint in an array of colors now and do this whatever colors float your boat!

Happy Crafting!