Sunday, December 18, 2011

What Tim Tebow and the Kardashians have in common.

Let me start off by saying I do not have experience in playing/knowing about football. What I do have experience on, however, is fame whores. Due to the many reality shows that I have watched over the years, I can spot a fame whore from miles away.

So, with that being said I think Tim Tebow is one of the biggest fame whores in the media and sports at the moment. Yes, he is religious and was a missionary at one point in his life and that is all great. But the thing that bugs me the most is that he really plays it up. I wonder if Tim Tebow is the only person that has ever prayed before a sporting event? I am going to vote no.

He is not the only person that has prayed before a game...he is not the only person that was ever a missionary but he has been the only person to let the media play up all of these good qualities about him. Most people that do all these religious and charitable things don't even like to get recognition for it because it makes it look like they are just doing it for the attention. Which begs the question, why has Tim Tebow not held a press conference/written an open letter to the media to stop making a big deal about him? Why has he not said "There are other people that pray before games..there are other people that were missionaries and do charity work." Instead, he has let this media storm happen and laughed about it all the way to the bank all while flashing his baby blues at the camera every time it comes his way.

So, in my expert fame whore opinion, Tebow may have started doing this because it was "his way of doing things" but he is continuing to do so because every time he takes a knee and puts his head down to pray he knows that camera is coming his way to record his every move.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A letter from the dark.

This is written from my iPhone copied off of a handwritten letter...(on scrap book paper, with a pink sharpie)

Dear outside world,

I am writing by "maglight" (heavy duty flash light) right now...yes, literally writing...I am going on my 38th hour of no power...Since Irene decided to rip through the streets of Edgewood and other parts of RI, I have been without electricity.

My electric stove won't go on, I have no hot water and my electronics are dying..

I have finally realized I am useless without electronics...a frizzed haired, wine drinking, trying to bring my cell phone charger to Walgreens, MESS..

So, all...3 of my followers at the moment...please save me a seat on the other side of this apocalypse...I will see you by Saturday at the latest (or so says the guy in the hard hat outside).

It's hard to type a blog on an iPhone

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Label Whores.

Bloggy Dedication - For the girls that think if every piece of clothing they put on their body is designer, they have great style...

I am going to start this off by saying I love me good designer clothing...If I had the money, I would, in fact, wear more labels...I would not, however, dress myself head to toe in top line designer labels...My name is not Rachel Zoe and I am not a celebrity stylist....

Personal style is not about the names you put all over your's about the time and effort you put in to your outfit, it's about dressing for your own body type and mostly importantly it's how your clothes make you feel in front of a mirror and walking into a room.

I have worn outfits that have cost me less than $40 and have gotten more complements on them then when I was wearing something more expensive....It's not about price's about confidence, creativity and always knowing you can pull something off.

One last thought --- If at any point in your life you have told someone "who you are wearing"  and you are not on the red carpet with a microphone in your face, go back and start at the top. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fugly Houses

Over the past few months I have been doing my research on real estate. Interior design has always been an interest of mine and now real estate is becoming more interesting to me as well. I take a look at weekly to see what's out there and what is available. With that being said, I have cringed more times than not due to ugly kitchens, bathrooms, wood paneling & all around bad choices in house design...

Bad design baffles me. If you don't have the creativity or the skill to decorate/design your house, don't just slap some random blue recliner in the your research, ask around, hire someone or even Google what a chic house should look like! No one should have to live among wood paneling and mismatched hand me down furniture. Put some time, effort and pride into your house...

Now, that brings me to staging houses....It really drives me crazy when I see a picture like this in a real estate listing....
I mean the wood paneling might not be something these home owners can help (taking it down could be major construction, not to mention major money that they probably just don't want to put into the house)...but the 1960's exercise bike, the tacky desk and pictures and the gross green curtains have GOT to go...aren't they trying to SELL their house? To me, staging a house is something that is such an important aspect to selling a a future home buyer, if I walked into this basement I would turn around and leave the house immediately. I wouldn't even consider this basement a "fixer upper" because I don't think I would even be able to get past the exercise, a little food for thought for these homeowners...empty your basement of all your tacky belongings and THEN take pictures to post online...and MAYBE, just can sell your problem, i

Which brings me to my next topic....when real estate listings use what they think are "key words" to selling a house...
This real estate listing said this house was "tastefully decorated." Um....this, to me, is ANYTHING but tasteful. First of all brown kitchens are clearly out now a days, so I really would consider this to be in the "fixer upper" stage. And second...this person is clearly color blind and took the term "kitchen yellow" too literal. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the best way to sell a house is with NEUTRAL paint colors and to take pictures without your kids toys strewn everywhere. People need to be able to picture themselves in the house they are buying. I am simply offended that this real estate listing is trying to convince people this is tasteful, and just because of that, I would never even consider taking a look at this house. It makes me wonder, if they are lying about the house being "tastefully decorated," what else are they hiding?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

12 Steps to a perfect wedding –

1.       Go in with the attitude that you will get whatever you want – For me budget wasn’t ever a discussion point with vendors..I knew what I wanted and I knew that with the word “wedding” tacked on to anything the price rose by 75%. You can find anything you want within your budget, you just have to be a little creative and a lot charming.
2.       Always look for things from previous family nuptials to incorporate into your day – Whether it be pictures or what you are wearing, family ties in a wedding are priceless and unique and will always get an “aww” from people. (Not to mention they are great conversation pieces for the people you have never met/haven’t seen in 10 years.)
3.       Every little thing should be a little thing – Even if you think it’s something someone may not notice, i.e. – monogramming the groomsmen’s socks, you should do it because in 20 years when you are looking back on your pictures, you will love to have a picture like this…
4.       Include pets(in some way) – They are your first children after all…
5.       Never underestimate the power of online shopping – There is nothing better than getting a deal when it comes to wedding shopping. Consider sites like – & for wedding/bridesmaids dresses and sites like for things that have been only used once, or for a unique twist.
-          For the people that are doubtful about buying a wedding dress online- Yes, you don’t get the experience of trying it on in front of everyone, feeling it, or making sure it fits. But you get to not only save thousands but spare yourself all the unwanted comments you may get if you go dress shopping with a bunch of women. Also, some of those dresses are so cheap, you can buy multiple ones, try them on, and send back the ones you don’t sure to pay attention to the fine print about returns though.
6.       Never underestimate the power of a good, chic, wedding planner(s) – This was something I was adamant about…I cannot and will not have an ugly, unfashionable wedding planner. Mind you, I am planning my OWN wedding, and the only reason I need anyone is so they can be there on the day of the wedding to make sure things run smoothly and so I can relax.  But, with those responsibilities comes something that you need to have naturally as a wedding planner, and that’s style. The first wedding planner I met with wore a skirt suit with strappy platform sandals that were from that 90’s/early 2000’s, at that point, I couldn’t even pay attention to what she was saying. The second planners we met with (and ultimately the ones we chose) are a fabulous mother and daughter team…and they wore closed toed shoes to the consultation, 10 points right there…
7.       A picture is worth a thousand words – After all the planning, the crying, the fake canceling of the wedding, the fights with vendors..etc..all that you have left are the pictures and the wedding bands…and, in my opinion, the pictures are worth more than the bands..hear me out…Yes, you will be wearing your wedding band every day…BUT those times you and your future children take out the wedding album, you want to make sure you don’t look like a fool and don’t regret taking/not taking some pictures. You should always have a list of pictures you want taken for your photographer and you should always have props/other things that are going to make those pictures unique and timeless.
8.       Make people glass cases of emotion – Always plan a wedding ceremony with the intention of making people cry. You want the ceremony to be the most meaningful part of the day and with meaningful comes happy tears and with happy tears come people remembering your ceremony.
9.       Surprise, Surprise, Surprise – Always have people guessing what is going to come next. When people go to the same wedding 15 times that year, they get bored…keep people on the edge of their seats…
10.    Kick people out that wear white – Not kidding about this one…make them go home and change. (Their parents should have taught them better than that)
11.   After the show it’s the after party – No wedding is great without a great after party…enough said.
12.   Always look pretty on the plane the day after – Let that be your last hurrah, do you make-up and hair and play the bride part still…(at least until you get on the plane and then you can pass out until paradise) You never know if they will upgrade your newlywed asses to first class. ;-)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

First post!

This first blog entry should be pretty short. Many people have been asking me to blog about my opinions
for a while now so, here goes!

This blog is clearly just my opinion and should not be taken too seriously..I will NEVER EVER talk/write about religion and/or politics because I think that is the tackiest thing you could ever speak about in public. To me, people that speak about such things to other people are just looking for a disagreement..It also makes the person that brought it up look extremely uneducated. There are not many topics that I won't discuss openly, but those two are off the list in my book.

Since it's my first bloggy blog, I will start with a brief synopsis of myself (it is MY blog, after all). My name
is Jessica B and I am an absolute Reality TV junkie(yes, I just capitalized that...Reality TV is a proper noun in my book). That is probably what most of these blogs will be about along with other things that interest me (i.e. fashion, celebrities, weddings, etiquette etc.) or irk me (bad fashion sense, bad Facebook statuses, bad etiquette and the occasional other random things that annoy me).

Something else about me - I am a bride at the moment. My wedding is September 24th of this year. That's going to be another thing this blog will be random thoughts, feelings & annoyances of wedding
planning during crunch time!

Hopefully this will be pure entertainment for people because I definitely do not take myself too seriously, and neither should you!