Thursday, June 16, 2011

First post!

This first blog entry should be pretty short. Many people have been asking me to blog about my opinions
for a while now so, here goes!

This blog is clearly just my opinion and should not be taken too seriously..I will NEVER EVER talk/write about religion and/or politics because I think that is the tackiest thing you could ever speak about in public. To me, people that speak about such things to other people are just looking for a disagreement..It also makes the person that brought it up look extremely uneducated. There are not many topics that I won't discuss openly, but those two are off the list in my book.

Since it's my first bloggy blog, I will start with a brief synopsis of myself (it is MY blog, after all). My name
is Jessica B and I am an absolute Reality TV junkie(yes, I just capitalized that...Reality TV is a proper noun in my book). That is probably what most of these blogs will be about along with other things that interest me (i.e. fashion, celebrities, weddings, etiquette etc.) or irk me (bad fashion sense, bad Facebook statuses, bad etiquette and the occasional other random things that annoy me).

Something else about me - I am a bride at the moment. My wedding is September 24th of this year. That's going to be another thing this blog will be random thoughts, feelings & annoyances of wedding
planning during crunch time!

Hopefully this will be pure entertainment for people because I definitely do not take myself too seriously, and neither should you!