Monday, March 31, 2014


How fun is it to go out to lunch with an old friend? It's literally one of my favorite things to do. This past Saturday I had the pleasure of lunching with one of my very oldest (and hottest ) friends, Roz. You see, Roz is one of those friends that I live vicariously through. She is a manger/bahhtendah at a local haunt and has so many good stories to tell. We also spoke about doing some vlogs together in the near future! So stay tuned for that. I would also like to thank Roz for driving that day so this stay at home mom could have some wine after a long week. :)

This is a super old picture of us...but one of my favorite ones!

Trendabl is an app I discovered after, Morgan from the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (#RKOBH), was invited to cover a Trendabl event for her blog, Boobs&Loubs (love Morgan and her blog!) It is like the Instagram for fashion and style and all things pretty! I find myself refreshing my Trendabl feed multiple times a day and swooning over everything I see. If you are into fashion, I highly recommend this will not be disappointed! And, while you are at it...follow me! - @jboons34

Is there anything worse than waiting for an online order to come in? IMO, no. Since I only shop places that I can get free shipping, I am always left with the longest shipping option. I have two separate orders coming my way in the next few weeks and I can not wait until they get here so I can try everything on and swoon over it...per usual.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Happy Sunday everyone!

Navy Blazer | Forever 21 | Sweater | Forever 21 | Leggings | Love Culture | Boots | Love Culture | Bag | H&M
I sure do love me a teased bun and some polka dots...

Jammies | Victoria Secret

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fantasy Friday {Celebration, FL}

In my "Defending Disney" blog, I mentioned Celebration, FL. Celebration is a town in FL right outside of Lake Buena Vista (home of WDW). The town is actually connected to the Walt Disney World property via World Drive. It is a master planned community founded in the early 90's by Disney itself. Present day, Disney still has offices there but all of the control has been turned over to the residents and local government. For more deets about the history you can go here.

A master planned community is defined as a meticulously planned community usually constructed from undeveloped land. The group of architects and developers plan everything from where the houses and school is going to go. To what color all of the houses will be down to what the landscaping will look like and what color the mail boxes will be. Driving through this town is like driving through a film set, that's how perfect it is. I like to compare it to living in a real life Truman Show.

Now, all of you know my obsession with Disney runs pretty deep. So every time we are in the area we HAVE to drive through. This past trip, we drove through like three times the week we were there just so I could fantasize about living in this town and working for WDW (as a wedding planner, of course). I have also read every single book about the town because the New Urbanism culture fascinates me. New Urbanism promotes a walk-able neighborhood. Also to be considered as such, all buildings and homes have to be built pretty close to each other in order to promote walking and in turn to also promote interacting with your neighbors. Some people hate New Urbanist neighborhoods because they claim it feels too artificial and fake. I crave perfection on a daily basis so a NU community is right up my alley.

This town has everything I am looking for in a place to live...a millionaires row (#swoon), an adorable downtown area that promotes community interaction (#swoon), absolutely gorgeous houses (#swoon), Disney involvement (#swoon), and last but not least it is a stones throw away from the Happiest Place on Earth (#DoubleSwoon).

Okay, enough with the wall of's some pictures!

Downtown Celebration

Downtown Celebration

What a perfect tree lined neighborhood in Celebration looks like

Photo via InsideBrookside 

Utopia :)
Other fun facts about Celebration - 
1. All of the houses built are required to have some sort of "front porch" as it promotes neighborly interaction. The houses are also built super close to the street/sidewalk so conversations from front porch to sidewalk can happen very easily.
2. Some people deny this, but rumor has it that house paint colors STILL need to be approved by the board.
3. Rumor also has it that when the town was first founded, Disney would hire actors to be about town "promoting community." In fact, when The Mister and I first drove through this town on our honeymoon, we saw the perfect family of 4 (complete with an adorable fluffy white dog) frolicking about at one of the local parks and I immediately thought they were paid actors..that's how perfect they looked!
4. There is a K-8 public school, a public high school (9-12) and also a Montessori school in Celebration.
5. Celebration is planned in an early 20th century architecture.
6. Celebrationites really get into theme-ing their houses out for holidays (#swoon). We went in October and everything was obviously decorated for Halloween. When we were driving through I snapped an iPhone picture of the facade of a house that was decorated - 

Sorry for the quality of this photo. We were driving by and I took the picture in a rather shady manner as I didn't want to get out and make a scene. Regardless, isn't this crazy cool? Some one's house is behind that pirate ship! A lot of Imagineers live in Celebration so I bet this was one of their houses. 

So, who's with me? The Real Housewives of Celebration certainly has a great ring to it...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Defending Disney

I found this lovely article today titled "13 Reasons Not to Go to Disney." Of course I clicked on it every reason and disagreed with every one. (Duh, what kind of Mousejunkie would I be if I agreed with it?) And now, here I am blogging about it. I have heard some of these a million times from people that don't like Disney. Now, don't get me wrong...lack of planning will make someone fall victim to every single one of these points. You can't just "go" to Disney. You have to plan for this type of trip. So, I am here to tell you why you shouldn't believe a word this article says and to pass along some planning tips along the way.

13. The tickets are insanely expensive
If you think going to an amusement park and paying $60 a person is steep, wait until you pay the price of admission for Disney. You’ll be looking at well above $100 per person, depending on the type of tickets you get and the time of the year.

Rebuttal - Yes, the tickets are expensive. And there are not many discounts (save for AAA and work related discounts) that you can get on a Disney ticket. However, the parks and resorts are immaculately clean and kept up. (Fun Fact - There is a trash can every 30 steps because when Walt was doing research for the parks he observed that people would walk approximately 30 steps before throwing trash on the ground) Not to mention that the high ticket prices keep the riff raff out. And Disney has some of the best customer service in the world. I am willing to pay a premium for that.

12. There is constant construction

You might see this as a positive, but Disney is always under construction. If you see a ride that looks way cool but it’s not complete, that means the kiddos will be bugging you to death to go back so you can endure even more Disney in the near future. Joy.

Rebuttal - I am one of those people that sees this as a positive. This is what makes Disney magical. They are constantly evolving with the times. Every time you visit there is something new to see and do. This was Walt's vision...something that will grow with families. 

11. The crowds are insane
So you’re going to go to Disney when it’s vacation time, but so is everyone else who happens to have time off work and school at the same time. Unless you can go during the off-season, you’re going to be enjoying the park with thousands and thousands of strangers.

Rebuttal - He who goes to Disney during the busy times is the insane one. Now, this may not be for everyone, but I have no problem taking kids out of school for a Disney trip. Like we established before, this is an expensive trip. It's well worth your hard earned dollars to go during a slow time. You WILL NOT I repeat WILL NOT have as good of a time if you go during a busy time. You will fall victim to a MM (Magical Meltdown). 

10. The princesses are snobby
If your kids (or you, for some sick reason) really want to meet the princesses, you have to stand in a long line for more time than even the hottest rides. Once you get up there, you get the crap shoot as far as which princesses are there. To top it off, most of them think they’re pretty hot stuff because nobody told them they aren't real princesses.

Disclaimer - I know Alice is not a *technically* a princess
Rebuttal - With the exception of Elsa and Anna from Frozen who are very popular right now, you can see most of the other princesses during character dining experiences. Again, this is where planning comes in. You have to make dining reservations 180 days in advance. Some reservations are so hard to get that if you call even a half hour after 7am exactly 180 days in advance, you may not get the reservation. The early bird gets the worm when it comes to ADRs (advanced dining reservations.) Anyone waiting in like to see a character (unless said character is not part of a dining experience) is an amateur. Not to mention that through the new FastPass+ system, you can get FastPasses for meeting characters...duh.

9. The lines are insane
With the big crowds come big lines. The better the ride, the longer the line. Want to go on Space Mountain? Be prepared to wait well over an hour. The most insulting part is the ride is over in 5 minutes, making you question how worth it the wait really was.

Rebuttal - Yes, when you go to Disney, you have to expect to wait in some with any theme park. Again, going during the busy season will not help. And FastPasses are your friend. 

8. Seeing your favorite character means more lines
You don’t have to wait in crazy lines just to see the princesses. Disney has decided to not let the characters really roam free in the park. Instead, there are designated areas where you can wait to meet various characters. The newer the character, the longer the line can be, with the hot new ones commanding a 4 hour-plus wait.

Rebuttal - See # 10

7. Rides are shut down all the time
Disney is careful about maintaining rides and keeping them safe, but the flip side is that your favorite ride might not even be open the whole time you’re at the park. Some rides seem to be especially prone to breaking, or always shut down when there’s even the slightest hint of rain. Of course this means you can go back again and hope the ride is open, or you could just go to the beach.

Rebuttal - Disney is constantly evolving and making their current rides better and safer. With that, there are refurbishments. It's just the nature of the beast. You can find a list of refurbs here

6. The food is insanely expensive
You know it’s bad when movie theater concessions look like a bargain in comparison. Have you ever paid $8 for a hot dog? At Disneyland you can have that privilege.

Food and Wine Festival - Greece! Grilled and marinated calamari, htipiti, eggplant dip, olives and pita bread and griddled Greek cheese with pistachios & honey. And to drink - Ouzo
Rebuttal - Yes, food at Disney is expensive, I will not argue that. But, this is the precise reason why the best time to go to Disney is during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. This is also the exact reason why I am not a fan of the dining plan (that's a whole 'nother blog) AND why you need to rent a car even though Disney has transportation. If you eat all your meals on property, you will go broke. I go to WDW for the food. So to me, the price is worth the divine food. The best way to eat at Disney - Go during the Food and Wine Festival, make 2-3 dining reservations (180 days in advance) and rent a car so you can go off site for some meals.

5. The mouse ears and other hats are embarrassing.
Even though it’s a tradition, the little mouse ears sold at the park are embarrassing, not only to wear but to also see others wearing. Of course, if you don’t want to wear those you can put on a Goofy or Peter Pan hat like you’re a hyperactive 5 year-old.

Rebuttal - Well, those of you that have hung around my blog and Facebook know that I do not find wearing Disney apparel at Disney or not at Disney embarrassing. Evidence - 

And there is certainly more where that came from...

4. The nightly parades shut everything down
Just try to get to the other side of the park for that one last ride during the nightly parades, the ones that are the same thing over and over. You can’t, so hope you like being stuck in Fantasy Land, because you’re not going anywhere else until the procession ends.

Rebuttal - This one is kind of true. Magic Kingdom is the only park with an electrical parade though (not sure about Disneyland). And, WDW has two other parks to enjoy during this time. (AK closes at 5 or 6 every day) Or, you can plan around this and end up in a "land" that has the rides you want to ride while everyone else is watching the parade. (Have I mentioned how important planning is to a Disney Vacation?)

3. The souvenir shops are designed to make you take out a second mortgage
See that cute little Mickey knickknack, the one that would look just perfect on your mantle next to your Tinker Bell spoon collection? That’ll be $80. Any decent shirts are about the same price. If you don’t watch it, you’ll blow through your savings in no time.

Rebuttal -  Every souvenir shop every where is expensive. There are tons of fun ideas on Pinterest that require hitting up the dollar store before you leave to stock up on Disney themed stuff so your kids won't keep asking for things. Children should just be appreciative that they are there. If they keep asking for things after being told no maybe your parenting is to blame and not Disney. #sorrynotsorry

2. The Jungle Cruise skippers' jokes are abysmal
Ah the Jungle Cruise ride, where you go around in a boat and see robot animals. It’s a boring, horribly outdated ride. Instead of updating it, Disney has decided to hire all of the failed stand up comedians in the area to be the boats’ skippers, and you are their captive audience.

Rebuttal - This one may actually be true. I have actually never been on the Jungle Cruise! And what can I say, sometimes Disney can be cheesy..And I love every second of it.

1. You hate Disney
Nothing is worse than being completely surrounded by the thing you despise. If you hate Disney, even a little, then going there is hell. They serve Mickey-shaped pancakes, everything is cute and covered in Disney branding, even the wine bottles, making it so you can’t just enjoy a good drink without the Mouse getting his hands into it.

Rebuttal - Seeing as how my cat's name is Minnie Mouse and I look at houses for sale in the Orlando area every day (Celebration, FL to be exact. But again, that is a whole 'nother blog post) there is no hating Disney that goes on in the C house. But, if in fact you are not a fan of The Mouse you may not like a Disney vacation. I assure you though, if you vacation with me and/or have me plan your Disney vacation for will be a Mousejunkie in no time!
*Not a face of someone that hates Disney.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Three Pieces of Advice

Today, I thought I would write about the three best pieces of advice that I have ever received. I mean, there has obviously been all kinds of advice that has been thrown my way, especially after becoming a parent. But, these single 3 pieces are pretty much my every day mantras.

1. Don't ever just assume that someone is smarter than you. - Enough said.

2. Just because someone does something differently doesn't mean it's wrong. - This is the precise reason why I loath mommy blogs. And pretty much the whole "mom vs. mom" culture.

3. Always remove one accessory before leaving the house. - I love this one. I don't wear a ton of accessories anyway. The idea of wearing a necklace, earrings AND a bracelet at the same time makes me wince. I usually like the outfit to speak for itself. I look at it this way - If designed correctly, a dress does not a need a lot of embellishment to make it a beautiful.

What are some pieces of advice that you have gotten?

Monday, March 24, 2014

100th Post

I was browsing the stats of this bloggy over the weekend and I realized that this very post is my 100th one! Now, of course that number includes my posts from when I first started this blog way back in 2010. But the bulk of them have been this year. My New Years resolution was to attempt to blog every day as well as do some vlogs. And, as of 100 posts, I have been going strong with the blogging and have even gotten my feet wet with vlogging.
With all of that being said, for this 100th post, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has been reading/watching/tweeting/liking. I appreciate it more than you all will ever know. I have to admit that I was nervous to take on such a big task. Aka keeping up my creativity to blog every day. But it has really come so naturally..apparently I have a lot to say! :)

So, here's to 100 more and 100 more after that! This journey has been so fun and rewarding so far, I can't wait to see what the blog-o-sphere future holds!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dressing For Women vs. Dressing For Men

When I am outfit planning, my first thought is always Who is my audience? Back when my style and fashion sense was in it's young and formative years (which is a nice way of saying I didn't know WTF I was doing) I dressed a little bit more provocative. Now, don't get me wrong...if you're going to flaunt it, it may as well be in your early twenties BEFORE you have a baby. I have to work pretty hard nowadays to look somewhat similar to my pre baby body, so I am glad there is photographic evidence to look back fondly on.

Evidence - 


Disclaimer - I reserve the right to still dress with the slightest bit of provacative-ness for Halloween

My style has evolved from dressing to impress men (ahem, slutty) to dressing to impress women (aka - more sophisticated and fashion forward). There is something so much more satisfying about impressing a women with your outfit than impressing a man with your outfit. You see, men are simple creatures. They have no clue if you are wearing Louboutins or some tacky strapy sandals from Payless. A women however can see a Red Bottom coming from a mile away.


Obviously I am still into graphic tees! I wonder if that will go away with my twenties though? That's what I love about style and's always evolving. I know I will look back on some of these outfits and cringe. Most likely at some of the cat-centric outfits...Just kidding, I will never stop being a crazy cat lady.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


I posted this picture on Facebook yesterday...and I wanted to share the deets about where I got the shirt.

The website is called You should definitely check it out because they have tons of workout clothes that are adorable! This shirt was so nice to work out in. It's long enough to cover my butt in leggings and it is super comfy and soft.

And then there's this...

I have not looked at the whole spread yet or watched the behind the scenes video yet (crazy, I know). But, I absolutely love Kanye and Kim on this cover (& baby North in the editorial). #sorrynotsorry. IMO they epitomize present day fashion. And you can hate the Kardashians all you want, but their fashion sense is so on point all.the.time. If I am planning an outfit for a future event, the Kardashian's Instagram pages are the first thing I look to for inspiration. 

My Chinese wholesale purchases that I mentioned in a previous blog post left much to be desired. The red dress did not fit. Which was actually my own fault cause I should have ordered a large. And, the same with the kitty dress...I order a medium and should have ordered a large. You should always size up when purchasing Chinese wholesale. The good part about all of this is the website that I ordered off of ( was beyond helpful with my exchanges and refunds. They are sending me a large kitty dress. And instead of a full refund for the red dress which was $33 they instead gave me a $45 coupon code to use. So, I got these...


I got the dress as large as I could and the shirt is only a "one size" garment but looks pretty roomy. We shall see!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

International Day Of Happiness

Happy Spring & Happy International Day of Happiness! To celebrate, I thought I would list twenty things that make me happy, cause I know that you all are just dying to know!!

Minnie Mouse

1. My family
2. Mani/pedis
3. Black cats
4. Shutting Sesame Street off at the end of the night
5. Grey Goose dirty martinis with blue cheese and bacon stuffed olives
6. Twerking
7. Old episodes of Jersey Shore
8. Reality TV (duh)
9. Going out to eat
10. Heels 5 inches and over
11. Holiday decorating
12. Themed parties
13. Redecorating every 6 months
14. Disney World (duh)
15. Glitter
16. Getting my make up and hair did (#GlamSquadStyle)
17. Weekend getaways/staying in hotels
18. Chic stationary
19. Online shopping
20. A drag queen inspired highlighted and contoured face of make up

What are the things that make you happy?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Abandoned Places {Part Deux}

If y'all can believe it, WDW has another abandoned area on it's 48 square mile property. It is an island in the middle of Bay Lake called Discovery Island.

Discovery Island was essentially the first Animal Kingdom. It was a wildlife attraction/sanctuary that closed down in 1999. One year after Animal Kingdom opened its gates in 1998. To get to said island, you have to swim across the alligator infested Bay Lake. Rumor has it that there are still many species of birds that live on Discovery Island. Some urban explorers swam across the waters many years ago and got some photo evidence of the exploration.

DisneyDrawingBoard | Aerial view of Discovery Island in Bay Lake
Photo via Shane Perez

Photo via Shane Perez

Photo via Shane Perez | Old photos found on Discovery Island of cast members

Photo via Shane Perez | specimens found on the island

Photo via Shane Perez
There are many more photos of the abandoned River Country than there are of Discovery Island. Pretty much because River Country is on the Fort Wilderness campground and Discovery Island is island.

Happy Googling!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Abandoned Places

I mentioned in my flob yesterday that I have a fascination with the paranormal and reading scary stories before bed. I also have a fascination with abandoned places. Mostly amusement parks and the like.

My interest started back when I was pregnant. I was really into researching our Walt Disney World trip and I came across some info that WDW has an abandoned area. River Country is the name of it and it was Disney's first water park. Rumor has it that it was shut down out of the blue because some people got sick and died of the brain eating amoeba (Naegleria Fowleri) that lives in rivers and lakes down south. Disney is pretty mum on the whole situation. But there were laws instated in 2001 (The year River Country closed) that prohibited the use of natural, unchlorinated water in water park settings. There have been urban explorers that have snuck in from Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort. All the music and lights are still on which makes it especially creeptastic. There is somewhat of an explanation for that though. Disney doesn't shut down any of their lights or rides at the end of the night because it costs so much in electricity to shut everything down and then turn it on again in the morning. Instead, they just keep everything on all night.

So, ever since then I have been obsessed with the whole "urban exploring" culture. Not that I would ever explore these places myself, I am way too wimpy to do that. Luckily the Internet is chock full of cool pictures for me to pour over from the privacy of my own home.

Now, on to the fun part...the pictures! | Before and after
YouTube Tour - 

If you Google "urban exploring" or "abandoned amusement parks" tons and tons of stuff will pop up. You case you are looking to go on a Google binge! Happy exploring!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Musings + #OOTN

You'll have to forgive me for my lack of blogging the past few days. I am still recovering from my sickness and things have been crazy around here!

The Mister and I had a date night last night at Foxwoods. It was so much fun! We did a little bit of walking around the shops as well as some gambling. And by gambling, I mean putting a fiver in the slot machine at the bar and drinking for free. We also had some cocktails and sushi. It was glorious not having to rush to eat because a certain 19 month old was getting antsy.

There was also a candy store at Foxwoods with all kinds of cool stuff. A lot of their "novelties" had the word "lick" on them. So I assume when Miley is at Foxwoods in a few weeks that she will be heading to that store to pick up some wares...You heard it here first! Also, they had bacon flavored toothpaste that I am regretting not buying...


And here are the deets about my #OOTN last night - 
Shirt | Forever 21 | Glasses | Wet Seal | Jeans | JCPenny | Shoes | Cohoes
I posted this last night on Facebook, but I got this shirt for two reasons - 1. Because my brother really is a Brooklyn hipster and 2. Because Cy loves him some Elmo! 

Right turn alert - There is this new reality show on USA called Chrisley Knows Best. It is my new favorite show of the week. It follows a wealthy Atlanta family's life. Two parents and their 5 kids. I will spare you and not try to explain the show to you in words. Here is the preview - 

It's such a good show. And I aspire one day for The Mister and I to be parents like The Chrisley's. Aka - wealthy, southern and sassy! :) I also have a fascination with Atlanta. It's obviously started with The Housewives (thanks Bravo!) but continued because of all the House Hunters episodes and other Atlanta based reality shows. It just seems like such a cool place to live. 


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Barre Babes
As I mentioned in previous blogs, my gym offers a plethora of small fitness classes. One of those classes is Barre. For those that don't know, this is the description of Barre on The Edge's website -

Barre-Our classes are designed to effectively strengthen, tone, and balance the entire body. We offer fat burning workouts that integrate the use of the ballet barre, light weights and various props. Students will focus on form and precision while performing small isometric movements as instructors emphasize basic alignment, foundation, and specific muscle actions. Each class includes several highly effective sequences of toning and resistance exercises with an emphasis on the core, arms, seat and thighs. Each strength section of this workout is followed by a stretching section to create long, lean muscle without bulk. These are challenging, no impact classes that require focus and precision for maximum results.
Disclaimer - You don't have to be en pointe to do Barre :)
The Edge first starting offering Barre in the beginning of 2013. I had tried it a handful of times, but during that time period, I just needed a bit more cardio in my week. Now that I am down to a weight that I feel is okay for my body, I am ready to incorporate more muscle lengthening and toning workouts into my 6 hours a week. With so much cardio and especially spin, you start to loose flexibility. Which is where Barre comes in. It is perfect for that.

My bestie and fellow Edge member, Olga, just started teaching Barre at my gym. I was so excited to take her class as she has an extensive dance background and I knew she would be amazing in this role. And guess what? SHE WAS! I am very sore today and even though it is not super cardio intensive, I still got my sweat on. Not to mention that Olga is from Kazakhstan so being taught Barre by someone with a gorgeous Russian accent is just so fitting, you will have to come see for yourself! During her class I really felt taken care of and I knew that if my form was incorrect that she would come by and correct me...Barre is all about form. This is one of the main reasons I love small fitness classes...You don't get lost in the shuffle. Someone is always there to correct you or help you.

If you are thinking about taking a Barre class, I would totally recommend it. It's super low impact but when you leave after the class you still feel as though you had a great workout. You can find The Edge's schedule here. Another great feature about The Edge is the there are no mirrors! Which is great for people like me who have not had a ballet lesson since the early 90s.

Come be a Barre Babe!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Entertainment Center Organization

Every time I photograph my entertainment center, I always avoid including the lower half of the structure in the picture. All the pictures I have taken of it are just how I have decorated the top row of boxes for various holidays. So today, I am finally willing to bare all in regards to this entertainment center. Now, don't get me wrong, this thing has provided copious amounts of organization for us. Not to mention that clean up at the end of the night is always a cinch because of how many drawers it houses. It's just that it does NOT photograph well....

The problem is, is that the drawers that provide the great organization have not only faded considerably (they were jet black, the same color as the entertainment center originally) but they also collect so much dust and lint that every few days I am lint rolling them to get them back to an acceptable state.

Now, we could of course just get all new drawers, but the fading will only happen again and the lint will still be there. So, I think I may cover them with fabric squares adhered with Velcro. I am just having the hardest time decided on WHAT fabric it should be. Patterned? Textured? Black? Color? (haha, yeah..right)

In the mean time, they are doing their job. I like when people can walk into my house and not immediately tell that I have a child running a muck in here most of the time.

I allow the Mike Wazowski chair because it's a little pop of color and it is well made. I hate that chintzy plastic crap that people essentially decorate with sometimes when they have kids and not enough storage. And Mike goes in Cy's bedroom if we have company over.

So, there is it in all of it's entertainment center glory. I suppose it's not THAT bad. But I am always looking for another DIY project and it definitely bothers me at least once a day. So, if you need me, I will be scouring all the fabric sections of every craft store I can find!

Oh and if you are wondering, the entertainment center and drawers were all purchased at Ikea. Because virtually every piece of furniture in our apartment was purchased at the best/worse place on earth.