Sunday, March 16, 2014

Musings + #OOTN

You'll have to forgive me for my lack of blogging the past few days. I am still recovering from my sickness and things have been crazy around here!

The Mister and I had a date night last night at Foxwoods. It was so much fun! We did a little bit of walking around the shops as well as some gambling. And by gambling, I mean putting a fiver in the slot machine at the bar and drinking for free. We also had some cocktails and sushi. It was glorious not having to rush to eat because a certain 19 month old was getting antsy.

There was also a candy store at Foxwoods with all kinds of cool stuff. A lot of their "novelties" had the word "lick" on them. So I assume when Miley is at Foxwoods in a few weeks that she will be heading to that store to pick up some wares...You heard it here first! Also, they had bacon flavored toothpaste that I am regretting not buying...


And here are the deets about my #OOTN last night - 
Shirt | Forever 21 | Glasses | Wet Seal | Jeans | JCPenny | Shoes | Cohoes
I posted this last night on Facebook, but I got this shirt for two reasons - 1. Because my brother really is a Brooklyn hipster and 2. Because Cy loves him some Elmo! 

Right turn alert - There is this new reality show on USA called Chrisley Knows Best. It is my new favorite show of the week. It follows a wealthy Atlanta family's life. Two parents and their 5 kids. I will spare you and not try to explain the show to you in words. Here is the preview - 

It's such a good show. And I aspire one day for The Mister and I to be parents like The Chrisley's. Aka - wealthy, southern and sassy! :) I also have a fascination with Atlanta. It's obviously started with The Housewives (thanks Bravo!) but continued because of all the House Hunters episodes and other Atlanta based reality shows. It just seems like such a cool place to live.