Thursday, March 20, 2014

International Day Of Happiness

Happy Spring & Happy International Day of Happiness! To celebrate, I thought I would list twenty things that make me happy, cause I know that you all are just dying to know!!

Minnie Mouse

1. My family
2. Mani/pedis
3. Black cats
4. Shutting Sesame Street off at the end of the night
5. Grey Goose dirty martinis with blue cheese and bacon stuffed olives
6. Twerking
7. Old episodes of Jersey Shore
8. Reality TV (duh)
9. Going out to eat
10. Heels 5 inches and over
11. Holiday decorating
12. Themed parties
13. Redecorating every 6 months
14. Disney World (duh)
15. Glitter
16. Getting my make up and hair did (#GlamSquadStyle)
17. Weekend getaways/staying in hotels
18. Chic stationary
19. Online shopping
20. A drag queen inspired highlighted and contoured face of make up

What are the things that make you happy?