Saturday, March 22, 2014


I posted this picture on Facebook yesterday...and I wanted to share the deets about where I got the shirt.

The website is called You should definitely check it out because they have tons of workout clothes that are adorable! This shirt was so nice to work out in. It's long enough to cover my butt in leggings and it is super comfy and soft.

And then there's this...

I have not looked at the whole spread yet or watched the behind the scenes video yet (crazy, I know). But, I absolutely love Kanye and Kim on this cover (& baby North in the editorial). #sorrynotsorry. IMO they epitomize present day fashion. And you can hate the Kardashians all you want, but their fashion sense is so on point all.the.time. If I am planning an outfit for a future event, the Kardashian's Instagram pages are the first thing I look to for inspiration. 

My Chinese wholesale purchases that I mentioned in a previous blog post left much to be desired. The red dress did not fit. Which was actually my own fault cause I should have ordered a large. And, the same with the kitty dress...I order a medium and should have ordered a large. You should always size up when purchasing Chinese wholesale. The good part about all of this is the website that I ordered off of ( was beyond helpful with my exchanges and refunds. They are sending me a large kitty dress. And instead of a full refund for the red dress which was $33 they instead gave me a $45 coupon code to use. So, I got these...


I got the dress as large as I could and the shirt is only a "one size" garment but looks pretty roomy. We shall see!