Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Entertainment Center Organization

Every time I photograph my entertainment center, I always avoid including the lower half of the structure in the picture. All the pictures I have taken of it are just how I have decorated the top row of boxes for various holidays. So today, I am finally willing to bare all in regards to this entertainment center. Now, don't get me wrong, this thing has provided copious amounts of organization for us. Not to mention that clean up at the end of the night is always a cinch because of how many drawers it houses. It's just that it does NOT photograph well....

The problem is, is that the drawers that provide the great organization have not only faded considerably (they were jet black, the same color as the entertainment center originally) but they also collect so much dust and lint that every few days I am lint rolling them to get them back to an acceptable state.

Now, we could of course just get all new drawers, but the fading will only happen again and the lint will still be there. So, I think I may cover them with fabric squares adhered with Velcro. I am just having the hardest time decided on WHAT fabric it should be. Patterned? Textured? Black? Color? (haha, yeah..right)

In the mean time, they are doing their job. I like when people can walk into my house and not immediately tell that I have a child running a muck in here most of the time.

I allow the Mike Wazowski chair because it's a little pop of color and it is well made. I hate that chintzy plastic crap that people essentially decorate with sometimes when they have kids and not enough storage. And Mike goes in Cy's bedroom if we have company over.

So, there is it in all of it's entertainment center glory. I suppose it's not THAT bad. But I am always looking for another DIY project and it definitely bothers me at least once a day. So, if you need me, I will be scouring all the fabric sections of every craft store I can find!

Oh and if you are wondering, the entertainment center and drawers were all purchased at Ikea. Because virtually every piece of furniture in our apartment was purchased at the best/worse place on earth.