Friday, March 28, 2014

Fantasy Friday {Celebration, FL}

In my "Defending Disney" blog, I mentioned Celebration, FL. Celebration is a town in FL right outside of Lake Buena Vista (home of WDW). The town is actually connected to the Walt Disney World property via World Drive. It is a master planned community founded in the early 90's by Disney itself. Present day, Disney still has offices there but all of the control has been turned over to the residents and local government. For more deets about the history you can go here.

A master planned community is defined as a meticulously planned community usually constructed from undeveloped land. The group of architects and developers plan everything from where the houses and school is going to go. To what color all of the houses will be down to what the landscaping will look like and what color the mail boxes will be. Driving through this town is like driving through a film set, that's how perfect it is. I like to compare it to living in a real life Truman Show.

Now, all of you know my obsession with Disney runs pretty deep. So every time we are in the area we HAVE to drive through. This past trip, we drove through like three times the week we were there just so I could fantasize about living in this town and working for WDW (as a wedding planner, of course). I have also read every single book about the town because the New Urbanism culture fascinates me. New Urbanism promotes a walk-able neighborhood. Also to be considered as such, all buildings and homes have to be built pretty close to each other in order to promote walking and in turn to also promote interacting with your neighbors. Some people hate New Urbanist neighborhoods because they claim it feels too artificial and fake. I crave perfection on a daily basis so a NU community is right up my alley.

This town has everything I am looking for in a place to live...a millionaires row (#swoon), an adorable downtown area that promotes community interaction (#swoon), absolutely gorgeous houses (#swoon), Disney involvement (#swoon), and last but not least it is a stones throw away from the Happiest Place on Earth (#DoubleSwoon).

Okay, enough with the wall of's some pictures!

Downtown Celebration

Downtown Celebration

What a perfect tree lined neighborhood in Celebration looks like

Photo via InsideBrookside 

Utopia :)
Other fun facts about Celebration - 
1. All of the houses built are required to have some sort of "front porch" as it promotes neighborly interaction. The houses are also built super close to the street/sidewalk so conversations from front porch to sidewalk can happen very easily.
2. Some people deny this, but rumor has it that house paint colors STILL need to be approved by the board.
3. Rumor also has it that when the town was first founded, Disney would hire actors to be about town "promoting community." In fact, when The Mister and I first drove through this town on our honeymoon, we saw the perfect family of 4 (complete with an adorable fluffy white dog) frolicking about at one of the local parks and I immediately thought they were paid actors..that's how perfect they looked!
4. There is a K-8 public school, a public high school (9-12) and also a Montessori school in Celebration.
5. Celebration is planned in an early 20th century architecture.
6. Celebrationites really get into theme-ing their houses out for holidays (#swoon). We went in October and everything was obviously decorated for Halloween. When we were driving through I snapped an iPhone picture of the facade of a house that was decorated - 

Sorry for the quality of this photo. We were driving by and I took the picture in a rather shady manner as I didn't want to get out and make a scene. Regardless, isn't this crazy cool? Some one's house is behind that pirate ship! A lot of Imagineers live in Celebration so I bet this was one of their houses. 

So, who's with me? The Real Housewives of Celebration certainly has a great ring to it...