Sunday, December 18, 2011

What Tim Tebow and the Kardashians have in common.

Let me start off by saying I do not have experience in playing/knowing about football. What I do have experience on, however, is fame whores. Due to the many reality shows that I have watched over the years, I can spot a fame whore from miles away.

So, with that being said I think Tim Tebow is one of the biggest fame whores in the media and sports at the moment. Yes, he is religious and was a missionary at one point in his life and that is all great. But the thing that bugs me the most is that he really plays it up. I wonder if Tim Tebow is the only person that has ever prayed before a sporting event? I am going to vote no.

He is not the only person that has prayed before a game...he is not the only person that was ever a missionary but he has been the only person to let the media play up all of these good qualities about him. Most people that do all these religious and charitable things don't even like to get recognition for it because it makes it look like they are just doing it for the attention. Which begs the question, why has Tim Tebow not held a press conference/written an open letter to the media to stop making a big deal about him? Why has he not said "There are other people that pray before games..there are other people that were missionaries and do charity work." Instead, he has let this media storm happen and laughed about it all the way to the bank all while flashing his baby blues at the camera every time it comes his way.

So, in my expert fame whore opinion, Tebow may have started doing this because it was "his way of doing things" but he is continuing to do so because every time he takes a knee and puts his head down to pray he knows that camera is coming his way to record his every move.