Monday, May 6, 2013

Disney Savings Jars

In our house, (and I'm sure in most houses) we need to make sure we save for Disney trips. To help us do that, we have two savings jars. 

One of them, is a weekly savings jar. We have 24 weeks until we visit The Mouse. So..the first week we put $1 in the jar..the second week $2 and so on.

The other jar is a $5 jar. Basically, whenever we have a five dollar bill..whether it be because of change from a $20 or a $10. Or if we just happen to have one..we put it in the jar.

Hopefully these savings will help us with eating our way through Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival!

Here's how I made them...






Spray paint the foam balls using the wood skewers as handles so your hands don't get painted black... glue them into the shape of Mickey's head and adhere them to the mason jars...

Also, make a week by week savings sheet to keep track of your weeks and the money in the jar!

Enjoy your savings!!