Monday, July 6, 2015

Tips for an Organized Hotel Room at Walt Disney World

It's no secret that some of the rooms at the Walt Disney World Resort are a little on the small side. On one hand, depending on the type of Disney vacation you are doing, you most likely won't be in the rooms that much anyway...on the other hand, it will be where you are living for your whole stay and keeping organized is very important to a successful WDW experience.

For the big C family vacay that is coming up, we are staying in the Little Mermaid rooms at the Art of Animation resort. This is considered one of their value level rooms and is heavily themed (#WatchOutInsta). The Mister, Cy and I have a really easy time hunkering down in a small room..mostly due to my organization and planning skills.

Since I have been gathering all of my hotel room organization supplies for our trip, I thought I would write a post about it to share the wealth and hopefully help you on your next vacation where space is limited.

Plastic/Ziploc bags -

I can not tell you how important it is to have a plethora of different types of plastic bags (#BagLady) with you on your trip to Disney. For our trip, we are bringing -
  1. Big and small Ziploc bags - For things like - outfits, cut up fruit & snacks, toiletries, cell phones and other electronics, sunscreen etc... I will be taking one box of each with us.
  2. Garbage bags - We still have a little one in diapers...those tiny hotel garbage bags never work well for us. 
  3. Regular old plastic shopping bags - For anything and everything else. Seriously, you never know when you will need one..there are a lot of water rides in the World!

This is a pretty common organization tip on most Disney planning blogs but it's such a genius idea. There are so many compartments for anything and everything. When I travel, I hate there being a lot of *things* on the bathroom counter/dresser space because those are usually your only "working surfaces" (#MommyProblems) The more things have a home, the more organized you will be.

Dollar Tree Hamper & Organizers -

Dollar Tree pop up laundry hampers are great for traveling and keeping laundry all in one place which can sometimes be tough in a hotel room when you are busy and there are a lot of costume changes (Or is that only me?). These hampers travel flat - the perfect luggage staple!

Organizers - Dollar Tree also has collapsible storage organizers. These are going to be perfect for us as we will be doing a small shopping trip at the beginning of the week. The organizers will give us a spot for all the things that aren't going in the fridge. Again, they travel flat and are perfect for getting things off your surfaces.