Saturday, May 31, 2014

Musings {Organization Edition}

Command Strips - 

IMO, 3M removable Command Strips are the greatest invention pretty much ever. I always have a hefty supply on hand because I use them at least once a week. They are so convenient when we travel..for decorating the hotel room or making a sheet nook for Cy Guy to sleep. They are also great for party planning and holiday decorating to hang temporary decorative fixtures. And of course they are great for renters. Every time we are at a place like Home Depot, I make sure I pick up a pack for my collection you can never have to many!

Organization - 

The C household has been getting a major organization overhaul lately. Closets are getting cleaned out, new shelves are getting filled up, and we are planning to revamp our bar for more efficient storage and organizational needs. Here are some of the happenings - 

On top of all the shoes on display in my craft/dressing room, I still have a good amount of shoes in our bedroom closet. I used a huge basket in the back for all of my winter shoes and then filled clear Ikea "Samla" boxes for flats. Although it's not the prettiest thing ever, it definitely does the job.


My craft/dressing room has also gotten an added organizational tool...a set of white plastic shelves! I can't be the only one that gets this excited about organization, right?

These shelves now house hair tools and products, jewelry, nail polish, a sensory bin for Cy, a party planning bin, and upcoming holiday bin, and a travel bin for things like hotel child proofing and toiletries in travel sized containers. The shelves were purchased at Home Depot, the clear bins (Samla) and baskets are all from Ikea.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Real Housewives Rundown

Since I watch every city of the Real Housewives franchise, I never run out of Housewives to talk about. Here are a few things that have been on my mind lately -

Real Housewives of NY - #RHONY -


For those that have been watching, you all know that Sonja lost her beloved poodle recently. And, as any Real Housewife knows, when a furry loved one dies, the only thing you can do is throw the chicest Uptown doggy funeral you have ever seen. Complete with programs, amazing fashions, and a blessing by a Swami priestess. I loved every second of the doggy funeral scene and makes me love Sonja (with a sexy J) even more than I already do. Besides Radzi, Sonja is my favorite NY Housewife.

Right turn alert - Where the eff did George (Aviva's creepy father) and his 25 year old fiance come from?! And what was with the weird engagement? Aviva and George creep me OUT and I am over them on the show. It was so nice that in the episodes when the ladies were in the Berkshires Aviva wasn't there or in the opening credits. I heard it was because she refused to go to the Berkshires with the cast so the producers wanted to punish her for it so they cut her out of those two episodes (that means no pay check either as the 'Wives get paid by the episode)

Real Housewives of Orange County - #RHOC -

I've been loving this new season. Heather Dubrow is my favorite 'Wife of the group and she is who I aspire to be when I grow up. I know a lot of people say that she is condescending but I think that she's allowed to be. She is the classiest Housewife in all the OC land and I think it totally rude (and class-LESS) what Vicki is doing every time she talks. The whole snoring bit is getting old "OG of the OC" (Original Gangsta of Orange County) so please stop because you are super annoying. I know they keep hiring Vicki back every season because she is super loyal to them since she has been around from the very beginning of the 'Wives franchise..but I think her story line is getting old and I am kind of over her. As far as the new Housewives go, I think Shannon is...meh...kind of needy and I think her husband, David, is super inappropriate. Especially in this last episode when he told Heather Dubrow to "spread your legs" as she got on a mechanical bull at her hoedown. A few too many tequila shots with girls other than his wife for that one. #Ick...I really like Lizzie even though we haven't seen much of her yet. We'll have to Watch What Happens (see what I did there?) and see I still like her at the end of the season!

Other Housewives news - 

| If anyone has been following the whole Bethenny Frankel divorce saga you know that things took a turn for the fugly yesterday as her and her soon to be ex husband, Jason, had their day in court to determine the custody agreement for their daughter, Bryn. You can read the transcripts here

| By now you have all probably seen the Real Housewives of New Jersey teaser. And as with any season in Dirty Jers y'all know we are in for some DRAMA. I think it's a little shady that Dina Manzo is all of a sudden back after Jacqueline and The Manzo's left but, I do love me some Dina so I am not TOO offended. Never fear though, The Manzo's will be back to Bravo with their very own spinoff Manzo'd With Children towards the end of the year. I do love the Manzo clan as they remind me of my large Italian family so I am pretty excited for that. What I am not excited for however, is Theresa and Joe's legal woes to play out on the #RHONJ. Although they were entertaining for some time, I feel as though this season may just be a little hard to watch and sad. It's probably why Bravo did such a big casting change this season, they need some new meat for when Tre and Joe are thrown in the clink.

| Kim Zolciak has been teasing the second season of her spin off Don't Be Tardy. I can't wait for this as I love me some "crazy white girl with a bunch of diamonds and a wig." Nene Leakes' words, not mine! :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Grinch Who Stole (all your f?&king) Fireworks

Although I love this great country of ours I have to admit that there is one thing about me that is inherently un-American. And that is my hatred of fireworks. Now, don't get me wrong, in a controlled setting with professionals shooting them off (Disney) they can be magical. However, RI made fireworks legal to buy (hello tax revenue) a few years back and ever since you can buy them at places like Walgreens, summers here have been a little annoying. Especially with a baby. Last year I even got into a slight *screaming match (I was the only one screaming) with some little hellions down the street.

The only acceptable fireworks show - DISNEY :)

I will not hesitate to lose my mind on anyone that shoots off the bigger types fireworks this summer. We live in a RESIDENTIAL city neighborhood...NOT THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE. So, if you decide to shoot off fireworks anytime after 9 pm on any night of the week, expect a visit from me - the ornery, fun stopping neighborhood crazy lady. I have literally been a fun ruining, unadventurous, dream crusher (when it comes to dangerous things) my whole life and it's a role that I take very seriously.

Also, just to give you an idea of how dumb you are for shooting off huge fireworks in the first place when you are not a professional - The Mister is a FIRE PROTECTION ENGINEER and sometimes he spends his free time watching "fireworks fails" on YouTube. So the next time you want to set off fireworks just remember that when you film it and when you fail, you are being watched on YouTube like some freak show by someone way more educated, classy and professional than your trashy ass. #burn #sorrynotsorry 

Disclaimer - Shooting off fireworks in a field in the middle of no where = kind of responsible | Shooting off fireworks in the middle of the street in a CITY = Inconsiderate and trashy.

::Gets off fireworks soapbox::

*The story - It was 10 at night on a Friday. The Mister was not home as he was having a drink with a friend. Cy was sick and people down the street started lighting off fireworks. These were not the type of fireworks you can buy at Walgreens though...these were mortars and bigger explosives than drug store fireworks. You see (RI lawmakers), if you give people an inch, they will take a mile. We also live in a city, NOT in the middle of no where. As the loud fireworks started to go off, Cy woke up an started to cry. Being the (cray cray) mama bear that I am, I decided that once The Mister gets home I am going to drive around the neighborhood, find these culprits and give them a piece of my mind. So, TM gets home shortly after the fireworks start and I am officially on a mission. I drive right around the corner and spot the culprits. I drive up in my whip, with no bra on and my retainer in my cup holder (Retainer in = not bad ass...retainer in cup holder = super bad ass). I then proceed to yell expletives at these people shooting off fireworks in the middle of the street. As I am yelling, I start to realize that this is a group of CHILDREN (it's 10:30 at night by this point) the oldest one was no more than 12 y/o. Which then of course made me even more mad and forced me to tell them that "THEY SHOULD BE IN BED BY THIS TIME." After my rant, I looked over and saw their parents (who did not speak a lick of English, I could tell this by their confused faces)were sitting on the stairs of their house "supervising" the whole thing. After all was said and done, I went home very pleased with myself and my rant at a bunch of kids. Then, I wake up the next morning after it had rained very hard all night and realized I left all of my windows open after I got home from said rant and our car smelled like mildew for weeks. That karma man, she's a tricky bitch. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Outfit Deets - Sweatshirt | | Shorts | Khols | Shoes | ShoeDazzle | Bag | H&M

Friday, May 23, 2014

Fashion Friday {Kardashian/Jenner Edition}

Okay, so if anyone follows any of the Kardashian/Jenner clan on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook you know that everyone is in Paris for the kick off of the Kimye wedding. And to be expected, they are all BRINGING IT with their fashion choices. Here are just a few examples...

The Balmain Couture dress that Kim is wearing above is my favorite look of hers pretty much ever. And of course I am so excited to see the dress(es) she wears on her big day! All of these photos came from the various K Instagram accounts...scroll through those for more European fashion updates!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Let's Have a Toast...

...For the haters.

They are my main motivators and I would just like to give them a shout out. You see, I figured out a long time ago not to be a hater. Why, you ask? Because I would rather not motivate someone I don't like to do better. Not only that, but I never found it made sense to rain on some one's parade. People (and women especially) need to empower each other.

 I also never understood why people choose social media to throw shade "under the radar." People are not dumb...they can see when you don't "like" something of theirs and they can especially see when you indirectly shout them out in your status. There is room for every one's dreams in this world and supporting someone else that happens to be doing something better than you isn't going to make you melt. It may, however, make you a better person. Scary, I know.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program of rainbows and glitter...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Lilly Ghalichi - 

Lilly is one of my favorite reality stars of all time. (Hear that Kim K? Cause I know you're reading this.) She was on the Shah's of Sunset on Bravo for seasons 2 and 3 (I don't think she is in the new season as she wasn't at the Bravo Upfronts.) Andy Cohen likes to call her the Persian Barbie because she is THAT perfect. She is glam, rich, AND has her law degree. She also has a swimwear line (as well as an eyelashes line and extension line) that is adorable (duh). Whoever is friends with me on my personal Facebook page has probably seen me "like" a million of her pictures. I also think she is fun to watch...the current cast of Shah's (specifically Reza as he is drawn to shiny things) really liked her the first season she was a cast member and then kind got off the Lilly train in the most recent season. IMO it's because MJ was super jealous of her and Reza (& subsequent cast members) regretted hopping on the Lilly train in the first place. Even though I wished she would have been back for this season, I had a feeling she wouldn't be. She needs her own show anyway, ensemble casts that were good friends before the show are not for skinny, pretty chicks. Bravo probably cast Lilly in the first place cause they knew a certain few (ahem, MJ) would be jealous of her.


The Mister, The Farmer - 

For the past few years The Mister and I have purchased a plot at our local community garden. Now, I am not much for gardening. Although I love the food it produces, digging in the dirt in the hot sun is not my cup of tea. The Mister, however, is the master gardener of the C household (complete with Radio Flyer gardening wagon and all). He would spend hours at our plot if he could. You know, building trellises, watering...whatever gardeners, who also happen to be engineers, do. This year I was a little reluctant to do (have TM do) the garden as last year some of our crops were pilfered. Specifically a big pumpkin that we were waiting until we got back from Disney World to pick. But...look at this could I resist?

Yes, he built those trellises himself, #duh

Monday, May 19, 2014

When I Have Kids I Will Never...

There is a book I read during my pregnancy that changed my entire outlook on parenting. That book is called Bringing Up Bebe - One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting. The book is about an American mother that moves to France and finds that French (European) parenting is far different from American parenting. Not only is parenting different but French mothers associate zero guilt with having their own lives and identifying as a women first and mom second. I recommend this book for any parent.

After I completed the book, I decided to write myself a list. A "remember where you came from" type of list.  I never wanted to be that parent that said "When I have kids I will never..." and then once I had the baby go  back on everything I said. I am proud to say that I have never once gone back on my word. I have followed this list to a tee and I am excited that I can say that. I have referred back to said book/list a few times during this parenting adventure yesterday was one of those days. Not because I was having a hard time, simply because I wanted to read what I wrote after all this time. The Mister and I had a great time laughing at all of my bullet points. Although they are funny, this list is exactly who I am down to the core and I wouldn't have it any other way.


#BeAHotMom & Disney World = check


This last part was written in pencil (after the whole list was written in pen) and it must have been during a time I was worried about my weight...yanno since I ate my family out of house and home when I was pregnant. I am happy to say that present day I never say the "F" word I guess that is something else that has changed for the better. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Fantasy Friday {Disney World Surprises}

Earlier this week I binge watched Disney World surprises. For those that don't know, this is when parents (or in some cases husbands *hint hint*) surprise their children either the day of/week before that they are going to Disney World. Every time the surprises were revealed, tears streamed down my face. I can not wait to one day do this for Cy. Side note for The Mister - You can plan a Disney vacay and surprise me, but I have to know at least a week in advance...outfits need to be planned, lists need to be made. On that note, here are a few of my favorite Disney World surprises!


Thursday, May 15, 2014


Painted By An Elephant - 

For the past two years, The Mister and I have attended a bowling event, put on by our local zoo, that supports rhino conservation. At said event there is a silent auction, and at said auction there are paintings done by various zoo animals, among other things. Last year we bid on and won a painting painted by an elephant. -

This was painted by an elephant named Kate. This year, there was only one elephant painting..I saw it on the table and knew I needed it immediately. I am such a sucker for black with a pop o' color!

This one was painted by an elephant named Alice. We have the first painting living above our bar. I am not sure where this one is going to go yet, but since my house lacks any type of color (besides Cy's toys) I am sure where ever it goes, it will look amazing!

H&M - 

I got a $50 (printed and lined) blazer yesterday for $20!!!!!! I heart H&M and that is all. #OOTD coming soon.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's nap time and there is a #tbt Jersey Shore marathon that needs watching!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Homemade By A Housewife {Skin Care}

Although I am a product junkie, there is something to be said about simple, homemade body care "products." My skin is always on the drier side in the colder temps so I use a homemade scrub every time I shower. The ingredients consist of olive oil and brown sugar. And that's it...ingredients you can easily find at the dollar store! Disclaimer - If you do use this in the shower, be careful! The oil makes the tub very slippery!

Another thing that is not really a product but more of an at home DIY, is the way I steam my face. I boil a pot of water, put it on a flat surface, put my face over the pot and then put a towel over my head. I haven't done this in a while, so I think I am due for a treatment soon! You can also add essential oils to the water for more of a spa like feel. Disclaimer - BE CAREFUL WITH THE HOT WATER AND HOT POT. 

My mom shared this next tip with me. I believe she saw this on The Talk. Step 1 - Cut a tomato, rub all the juice on your face for and leave it for 1 minute then wash off. Step two - Cut a grape fruit, rub it on you face and leave it on for 3 minutes and then wash off. When I was doing this, my skin looked brighter and more even...for pennies on the dollar!

I also like to rest warm green tea bags on my eyes brings down the puffiness and extracts toxins from your skin.

What are some of your favorite at home skin care remedies?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Confessions Of A Stay At Home Mom {Vol. 1}

Confession - I can't stand when I go somewhere (HomeGoods, Target, etc...) during the week (and during the work day) and said place is busy. I will actually make an off hand remark to Cy that sounds something like..."Doesn't anyone work anymore?!" (HAH!) I think every mom can attest to the fact that it takes an extra 45 mins per child to get out the when I am finally out the door, I don't want to have to deal with a lot of people crowding up the aisles of my local Tarjay, at 11 am on a Wednesday, no less! (#firstworldproblems) This is also the reason I loathe school vacation week and never visit the mall on the weekends. #antisocialmuch? And FTR - You know all you 9-5 moms think the same exact thing when you have a *day off and have to run errands!


*I use the term "day off" loosely because everyone knows that a mom never has a day off!

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Art Of {The Selfie}

I have been known to take a selfie or 6 in my day. So today I thought I would blog about some tips and tricks to taking the perfect selfie.

I touched briefly upon the importance of eyebrows in pictures in one of my musings posts. The perfect arch will make you look good in real life and in pictures even if you don't have any makeup on. When you have great shape to your brows, you automatically have great shape to your face. So, step one to the perfect selfie = perfect eyebrows.

Obviously being camera ready when taking your selfie always helps. Of course big lashes are very important to make your eyes pop for the picture. IMO though, there is an even more important step in giving good face with makeup and that is HIGHLIGHTING & CONTOURING. I had to yell that because I feel so strongly about this topic...Highlighting and contouring makes it so you don't have to do much with your face (besides angle it the right way - see below) in order to get that perfect shot. Although I think Kim Kardashian is stunning without make up, contouring makes it so she is even MORE stunning in pictures. I actually believe that Kimmy K and her makeup artist (Joyce Bonelli) brought contouring back into style. So take a page out of the K handbook, contour and highlight your face and watch your selfies and regular pictures turn into Instagram gold. Jaclyn Hill has my favorite contouring video in all the (YouTube) land.

Everyone has a good side and everyone has a good angle. The trick is finding said angle. It's pretty rare that some one's best "side" is straight on. Angling your face and body while posing for the camera is always the way to go. If you have ever seen a photo of Paris Hilton (who has worked with a posing coach) you will notice that she is NEVER straight on in photos. Angling yourself softens up your lines and helps the light disperse evenly. Now, this is not to say that once you find your good side that you should take every selfie with the same face/angle. I can not stand when girls (or guys) post the same picture with the same face and the same angle. Switch it up a little! The trick is to practice in the mirror and to take a million pictures to see what angles (plural) are your best ones. 

Okay, so there is one trick to my selfie game that I will not give away (hey, a girl's got to keep SOME things to herself) and that is what filter app I use. But I will say that a filter (or two) always helps your case. Don't ever be afraid to use them because EVERYONE does... #nofilter = lies 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

#OOTD {Mother's Day Weekend Edition}

Saturday #OOTD - 

Deets - Blazer | H&M Conscious Collection | Bodysuit, Sunnies & Shorts | Forever 21 | Shoes |ShoeDazzle | Bag | Dooney & Bourke

Sunday #OOTD - 

Deets - Shorts | JCPenny | Shirt & Belt | H&M | Necklace & Shoes | Charlotte Russe

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Kourtney Kardashian's Kat -

Kourt and LD (Lord Disick for those that do not Keep Up w/ the K's) have an adorable Bengal cat named Charli. She is the most regal animal I have ever seen and she makes me (& The Mister) want a Bengal in the future. I mean..just look at this precious little bundle of fur. -


Bows and Tulle - 

The other day I got to shop for a present in the h&m girls department. It was glorious to be surrounded by pink and polka dots for once. #ThatIsAll

Rough and Tumble -  

Cy got his first real injury yesterday. :( He was jumping in his crib and flew out. He landed square on his face which resulted in an egg on his head, a bloody nose, two fat lips, rug burn AND two stitches on his inner, lower lip. Poor guy. He is such a trooper. I had to leave the room while he was getting stitched up..The Mister was there and I had already had enough trauma in my day so I couldn't bear to watch it. Well, after Cy was done I walked back in to a calm baby and The Mister with an ice pack on his head! Apparently all the color drained from his face and the nurses suggested he sit down and "regroup." Kind of reminds me of the day Cy was born via emergency C I was being wheeled in, with 102 fever, I had to ask TM if HE was okay because he was as white as a ghost! Never a dull moment being a mom of a rough and tumble little boy!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fashion Roundup {2014 Met Gala}

Top Three Best - 

Dita Von Teese in Zac Posen. #Perfection

Rihanna in Stella McCartney. The back of this was even better than the front.

Queen Bey in Givenchy Haute Couture. #BowDown

Runner up - Emma Stone in Thakoon. I LOVE THIS ENSAMB, that is all.

Top Three Worst - 

Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte. I didn't like this because the bottom reminds me of printed leggings and the top reminds me of a bad dance costume.

Shailene Woodley in Rodarte. This was just way too busy for my taste. And I am not loving the pixie cut on her. 

Elizabeth Olsen in Miu Miu. Can we say bad figure skating costume? And I think that color washes her out. 

Runner up - Lena Dunham in Giambattista Valli. OKAY...I actually really like this ensamb...and it is SO MUCH better than anything else she has ever "red carpeted" in. BUT...gurl needs to learn how to pose. Just because models in Vogue pose in couture with their shoulders forward, does not mean that you should too...put your shoulders back and stand tall. I actually think her bad posing is the reason why her yellow Zac gown at the Golden Globes looked so weird. Also, her make up looks great but the straight across bang is bothering me. 

Lena's doppelganger...#amiright?

You can hop on over to BuzzFeed for more looks and fashions from the 2014 Met Gala!