Thursday, May 29, 2014

Real Housewives Rundown

Since I watch every city of the Real Housewives franchise, I never run out of Housewives to talk about. Here are a few things that have been on my mind lately -

Real Housewives of NY - #RHONY -


For those that have been watching, you all know that Sonja lost her beloved poodle recently. And, as any Real Housewife knows, when a furry loved one dies, the only thing you can do is throw the chicest Uptown doggy funeral you have ever seen. Complete with programs, amazing fashions, and a blessing by a Swami priestess. I loved every second of the doggy funeral scene and makes me love Sonja (with a sexy J) even more than I already do. Besides Radzi, Sonja is my favorite NY Housewife.

Right turn alert - Where the eff did George (Aviva's creepy father) and his 25 year old fiance come from?! And what was with the weird engagement? Aviva and George creep me OUT and I am over them on the show. It was so nice that in the episodes when the ladies were in the Berkshires Aviva wasn't there or in the opening credits. I heard it was because she refused to go to the Berkshires with the cast so the producers wanted to punish her for it so they cut her out of those two episodes (that means no pay check either as the 'Wives get paid by the episode)

Real Housewives of Orange County - #RHOC -

I've been loving this new season. Heather Dubrow is my favorite 'Wife of the group and she is who I aspire to be when I grow up. I know a lot of people say that she is condescending but I think that she's allowed to be. She is the classiest Housewife in all the OC land and I think it totally rude (and class-LESS) what Vicki is doing every time she talks. The whole snoring bit is getting old "OG of the OC" (Original Gangsta of Orange County) so please stop because you are super annoying. I know they keep hiring Vicki back every season because she is super loyal to them since she has been around from the very beginning of the 'Wives franchise..but I think her story line is getting old and I am kind of over her. As far as the new Housewives go, I think Shannon is...meh...kind of needy and I think her husband, David, is super inappropriate. Especially in this last episode when he told Heather Dubrow to "spread your legs" as she got on a mechanical bull at her hoedown. A few too many tequila shots with girls other than his wife for that one. #Ick...I really like Lizzie even though we haven't seen much of her yet. We'll have to Watch What Happens (see what I did there?) and see I still like her at the end of the season!

Other Housewives news - 

| If anyone has been following the whole Bethenny Frankel divorce saga you know that things took a turn for the fugly yesterday as her and her soon to be ex husband, Jason, had their day in court to determine the custody agreement for their daughter, Bryn. You can read the transcripts here

| By now you have all probably seen the Real Housewives of New Jersey teaser. And as with any season in Dirty Jers y'all know we are in for some DRAMA. I think it's a little shady that Dina Manzo is all of a sudden back after Jacqueline and The Manzo's left but, I do love me some Dina so I am not TOO offended. Never fear though, The Manzo's will be back to Bravo with their very own spinoff Manzo'd With Children towards the end of the year. I do love the Manzo clan as they remind me of my large Italian family so I am pretty excited for that. What I am not excited for however, is Theresa and Joe's legal woes to play out on the #RHONJ. Although they were entertaining for some time, I feel as though this season may just be a little hard to watch and sad. It's probably why Bravo did such a big casting change this season, they need some new meat for when Tre and Joe are thrown in the clink.

| Kim Zolciak has been teasing the second season of her spin off Don't Be Tardy. I can't wait for this as I love me some "crazy white girl with a bunch of diamonds and a wig." Nene Leakes' words, not mine! :)