Saturday, May 31, 2014

Musings {Organization Edition}

Command Strips - 

IMO, 3M removable Command Strips are the greatest invention pretty much ever. I always have a hefty supply on hand because I use them at least once a week. They are so convenient when we travel..for decorating the hotel room or making a sheet nook for Cy Guy to sleep. They are also great for party planning and holiday decorating to hang temporary decorative fixtures. And of course they are great for renters. Every time we are at a place like Home Depot, I make sure I pick up a pack for my collection you can never have to many!

Organization - 

The C household has been getting a major organization overhaul lately. Closets are getting cleaned out, new shelves are getting filled up, and we are planning to revamp our bar for more efficient storage and organizational needs. Here are some of the happenings - 

On top of all the shoes on display in my craft/dressing room, I still have a good amount of shoes in our bedroom closet. I used a huge basket in the back for all of my winter shoes and then filled clear Ikea "Samla" boxes for flats. Although it's not the prettiest thing ever, it definitely does the job.


My craft/dressing room has also gotten an added organizational tool...a set of white plastic shelves! I can't be the only one that gets this excited about organization, right?

These shelves now house hair tools and products, jewelry, nail polish, a sensory bin for Cy, a party planning bin, and upcoming holiday bin, and a travel bin for things like hotel child proofing and toiletries in travel sized containers. The shelves were purchased at Home Depot, the clear bins (Samla) and baskets are all from Ikea.