Thursday, May 8, 2014


Kourtney Kardashian's Kat -

Kourt and LD (Lord Disick for those that do not Keep Up w/ the K's) have an adorable Bengal cat named Charli. She is the most regal animal I have ever seen and she makes me (& The Mister) want a Bengal in the future. I mean..just look at this precious little bundle of fur. -


Bows and Tulle - 

The other day I got to shop for a present in the h&m girls department. It was glorious to be surrounded by pink and polka dots for once. #ThatIsAll

Rough and Tumble -  

Cy got his first real injury yesterday. :( He was jumping in his crib and flew out. He landed square on his face which resulted in an egg on his head, a bloody nose, two fat lips, rug burn AND two stitches on his inner, lower lip. Poor guy. He is such a trooper. I had to leave the room while he was getting stitched up..The Mister was there and I had already had enough trauma in my day so I couldn't bear to watch it. Well, after Cy was done I walked back in to a calm baby and The Mister with an ice pack on his head! Apparently all the color drained from his face and the nurses suggested he sit down and "regroup." Kind of reminds me of the day Cy was born via emergency C I was being wheeled in, with 102 fever, I had to ask TM if HE was okay because he was as white as a ghost! Never a dull moment being a mom of a rough and tumble little boy!