Friday, May 2, 2014


First, I want to give a quick shout out to our friends, L & D. L is having their second son today and we are over the moon to meet the newest member of our growing football team! xoxoxo! #RHOWPI

Mayhem - 

Mayhem is a tiny fashionista whom, with the help of her mama, creates gorgeous, wearable paper dresses. They have even done replicas of award show dresses! She then poses in them, ever so chic-ly for the photographer (mama), for her Instagram and blog posts. M is what I picture my future daughter to be like. Here are some of her creations...

Eyebrows - (I got mine done yesterday so they are fresh on my mind)

I am a big believer in eyebrow threading. I have been getting mine threaded for the past 10ish years and would never, in a million years, go back to waxing. IMO if you are doing any sort of hair removal on your face, you should never use wax.  In the past ten years I have only ever gone to one place to get them done. I mean, don't get me wrong...I have been to other places..but I walked out with even worse eyebrows than I walked in with. That's the key to great eyebrows...a great threader. My eyebrows are definitely on the thinner side which I know isn't really the "trend" right now, but I don't have a strong enough jaw line to support a super thick brow. That being said, you should always go with what works for you...sometimes a good eye brow involves some filling in and the proper color to give good arch. A good eyebrow arch will give you an instant face lift and brighten up your eyes. And don't even get me started on how important good eyebrows are for good selfies/pictures in general...I could literally talk for hours about this topic.. ::gets off eyebrow soapbox::

Best Friends -

One of my very best friends is coming in for a visit this weekend. I am so very excited to see her, spend time with her and day drink with her. Oh, and watch Mean Girls, of course! I would also like to apologize in advance to all of my friends on my various social media accounts for the influx of selfies and "best friends" pics that are coming your way this weekend.