Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Lilly Ghalichi - 

Lilly is one of my favorite reality stars of all time. (Hear that Kim K? Cause I know you're reading this.) She was on the Shah's of Sunset on Bravo for seasons 2 and 3 (I don't think she is in the new season as she wasn't at the Bravo Upfronts.) Andy Cohen likes to call her the Persian Barbie because she is THAT perfect. She is glam, rich, AND has her law degree. She also has a swimwear line (as well as an eyelashes line and extension line) that is adorable (duh). Whoever is friends with me on my personal Facebook page has probably seen me "like" a million of her pictures. I also think she is fun to watch...the current cast of Shah's (specifically Reza as he is drawn to shiny things) really liked her the first season she was a cast member and then kind got off the Lilly train in the most recent season. IMO it's because MJ was super jealous of her and Reza (& subsequent cast members) regretted hopping on the Lilly train in the first place. Even though I wished she would have been back for this season, I had a feeling she wouldn't be. She needs her own show anyway, ensemble casts that were good friends before the show are not for skinny, pretty chicks. Bravo probably cast Lilly in the first place cause they knew a certain few (ahem, MJ) would be jealous of her.


The Mister, The Farmer - 

For the past few years The Mister and I have purchased a plot at our local community garden. Now, I am not much for gardening. Although I love the food it produces, digging in the dirt in the hot sun is not my cup of tea. The Mister, however, is the master gardener of the C household (complete with Radio Flyer gardening wagon and all). He would spend hours at our plot if he could. You know, building trellises, watering...whatever gardeners, who also happen to be engineers, do. This year I was a little reluctant to do (have TM do) the garden as last year some of our crops were pilfered. Specifically a big pumpkin that we were waiting until we got back from Disney World to pick. But...look at this eagerness...how could I resist?

Yes, he built those trellises himself, #duh