Monday, February 24, 2014

House Tour {Craft Room}

In our apartment, we have a sun room with french doors off of our dining room. When we first moved in I knew it would be the perfect space for a craft room/shoe storage area. Since I have been taking pictures of the apartment for my small space decorating portfolio, I thought I would also do a few house tour blog posts as well.

In my creative space, I like to surround myself with special things I have collected throughout my life, pictures, other little knick knacks and shoes that are meaningful.

I made the headpiece pictured above for an Alice In Wonderland inspired bridal shower..

This whole area is my "project" area. All of my supplies are in one place on the shelves. (#organization). Those green pillows will eventually be turned into pillows for my couch once I cover them in a more acceptable fabric...And we will also be getting a new desk as soon as I can talk The Mister into going to Ikea for our once a year trip. 

Left - Right | Amazon | | Charlotte Russe | | Cohoes | Forever21

Like I said, my shoes are housed in there as well. It's so nice to be surrounded by these beauties when I am trying to get the creative juices flowing.


The two pictures above contain three of the best craft room purchases ever. The easel (Ikea | $14.99), my drafting table (Craigslist | $30) and a wrapper paper holder (Target | $15).