Thursday, February 27, 2014

Facebook Playhouse

When there are true thespians in the WWHL Clubhouse, Andy makes them play this "game" called Housewives Playhouse. What this game consists of is said thespians "acting out" notorious scenes from The Real Housewives of {insert city here}. It is freaking hysterical and there are almost always wigs involved.

So, after watching a few of these, I came up with a genius new party game called "Facebook Playhouse." FBPH consists of taking those status updates that seem to infect everyone's news feeds and acting them out...after a few dirty martinis, of course.

Examples of status updates to act out -

- Any complaints about husbands/wives/partners/boyfriends/girlfriends/fiances
- Long, drawn out status' about something...but you never know what that something is
- StAtUs' ThAt ArE TyPeD LiKe DiS
- Any status that starts a fight between two Facebook friends and the proceeding comments

I am sure you all get the picture. This game would be set up like charades where everyone brings three status' from their news feeds (on separate pieces of paper) and puts them in a glass bowl. Then, you pick as you go.

Who's with me?!