Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I am committing the biggest sin of holiday decorating right now. My Valentine's Day decorations are still up. (#cringe) Yes, you read that entertainment center still looks like this and we have family coming on Friday for a visit. So, it looks like a trip down to the basement for some Easter decor is in order. I am like corporate America...I bring out my holiday decorations way too early. Says the girl that takes her Halloween decorations out on Labor Day.

I follow a page on Facebook that is called "Offbeat Bride" they are a sister site of "Offbeat Home." And today they posted this amazing DIY project (non wedding related) that I (& The Mister) are totally doing. I love simple and cheap DIY projects like this. And I love me some bookends.

Off Beat Home

I mentioned this very briefly in my flob - I can not wait for Bravo's new show #SouthernCharm to premiere. I am kind of fascinated with the whole "old money" culture. And Southern Charm is going to showcase just that...Bravo Style.


On the topic of Bravo...There is also another new show premiering called "The People's Couch." It had a limited run a few months back. I hoped it would get picked up and it did! It is based on the UK show, Googlebox. It's considered a "social series" and it turns the camera around on the viewer. So basically you are watching people watch TV. The Mister and I always have a running commentary of every thing we watch on TV which makes this show very relate able. And if they ever do castings in anywhere outside the greater LA area, I am their girl!