Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Musings {Reality TV Edition}

16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom Season One Catch Ups - MTV did 4, hour long specials on each of the ladies that starred in the first season of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom - Maci, Farrah, Amber and Catelynn. The first season was the only one that I was ever interested in so I was looking forward to seeing all of their episodes. I have yet to watch Catelynn's but I did watch the other three and here's what I thought-

    - Maci - Maci is the most normal one out of all four of them. She actually has her ish together, her son seems to be adjusting well and she also has supportive grandparents on both her side and her baby daddy, Ryan's side. With all of the being said, her episode was rather boring to me! Haha I know that is awful but really, I stopped her show in order to watch some of the juicier ones (read: Farrah the one time porn star and Amber who just got out of jail)

   - Farrah -  Where do I start with this hot mess? Okay, so I do have to admit that her home life is a bit more mellow than I would have expected. AND she seems to have a really nice house/life in Austin, TX with her daughter, Sophia, and her dad, Michael. Apparently when you do a sex tape called "Back Door Teen Mom" you can afford an amazing house and a luxury well as a private preschool for your daughter...not to mention the trips to the cosmetic esthetician once a week to give you that "busy mom" look. Not kidding, she really does do fillers and botox at 21 to look like a "busy mom." The Mister and I watched this together and we both agreed that apparently blogging is the wrong business to be in...Totally kidding..

   - Amber - I am actually really rooting for Amber. Her episode starts with the day she got out of jail. She was suppose to be in jail for close to 5 years but ended up only spending 18 months in the clink because she participated in a rehab program. The episode follows her getting acclimated with life out of jail and back with her daughter. Gary has custody of their daughter Leah but seems to be open to Leah spending time with her mom. Like I said, I am really rooting for Amber. I am hoping she stays off the drugs and keeps her anger under control in order to have a great life for her and her daughter. She also mentioned getting her "story" out there aka seeing who will give her an advance on a book deal. So stay tuned for that gem!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - For all you watchers out there, you know that it's just more of the same in Bev Hills Land. Except they are currently in Puerto Rico so all of their fighting has a gorgeous beach background. FTR - I believe Brandi over Lisa that Lisa wanted to bring the tabloid to Palm Springs but I don't believe that Lisa knew Scheana was Eddie's mistress. But, who knows, maybe Lisa is playing us all. After all, she did end up getting a show (Vanderpump Rules) mostly due to that one night of drama... Also, watching these episodes makes me want to go back to Puerto Rico...I mentioned in one of my flobs that The Mister and I stayed in the same resort as the 'Wives are in now - The El Conquistador - for our honeymoon. I was in culture shock when we were there and didn't enjoy it fully (#firstworldproblems). So I definitely want to go back because it's a gorgeous resort.

Other reality show notes - I am so excited for the new season of RHONY, I keep watching the teaser over and over; I still feel really bad for Khloe Kardashian, it can not be easy going through what she is going through, next episode we will see her make the decision to file for divorce; Rich Kids of Beverly Hills - Dorothy gets into real estate in the last episode...And, in LA "getting into real estate" means being rich and well connected and deciding to get your real estate licence #jealous. Also, I heart Anderson Cooper -