Friday, February 7, 2014

Antique Store Finds

I have mentioned this before - For our wedding centerpieces, The Mister and I scoured antique stores. Each table was a different vignette. Antique kitchen ware, antique cameras, coffee table books, antique bottles with flowers in them. We had our reception at The Roger Williams Park Casino. It is a two floor venue and the bottom floor is very dark wood, fireplace-y and masculine (cocktail hour). While the top floor (dinner and dancing) is very vibrant, colorful and Renaissance-y. I could not see doing the typical floral centerpieces as they would have fought too much with the natural decor. So, the way I looked at it was very much the way I look at decorating my floor to ceiling shelves and I very much stayed true to my style of mixing the old with the new.

The great thing about doing centerpieces that were actual objects and not flowers is that people couldn't take them home! Trust me though, people tried. Instead, we had a "bloom bar" where people could get as many beautiful blooms as they wanted to. It played into the whole "being green" thing and it was a unique idea (from my own brain, not Pinterest) that I have yet to see at another wedding. 

LeFebvre Photo

LeFebvre Photo
The other great thing about the antique centerpieces is that I got to keep everything and decorate our (then) new apartment with all of my wares! Here are a few pieces that I love...

I have about 5 or 6 of these cameras (all different kinds) and they look amazing any where I put them in my house. 

This piece is actually cast iron and something I was so excited to find when I did. It was a "toy kitchen" back in the day. Just goes to show you how well toys were made and how crappy they are made now.

For me, the rustier, the better! I am like an American Picker!

This is an old school ice cream maker. I love that it's from just has so much charm!