Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Super Mario Trance

You'll have to forgive me for not blogging yesterday. The Mister brought our Wii up from the basement and every spare minute I had (nap time and bed time) was spent playing Super Mario. I grew up playing that exact game, so I am really good at it. So good, that my video game loving husband has to ask me to beat levels for him! I am not, however, as good as people that have gotten world records on the game...apparently there are people that can get through the whole thing in an hour and 25 mins! I can probably get through it in about 5 hours.. #proudrealization

Anywho, this is what my blog was going to be yesterday...

Floor to Ceiling Shelves

For anyone that is looking to make an impact in their house or apartment, I would recommend (at the very least) a set of floor to ceiling shelves. For me, these are such a game changer as far as design goes. They not only offer storage but they also offer the ability to make everything look just a little bit prettier.

I change my shelves every few months or so. And they always get a redo after Christmas. I have changed up these babies more times than I can count. When I do redo them, they always give my apartment a much needed face lift without being too expensive. 

The actual shelves are from Ikea. The bottom four shelves house my magazine collection in the white file folders (Ikea). And the polka dot boxes (which Cy has commandeered) are from Ikea as well. He is a rough little boy and those boxes have not only lasted and looked decent in the process, but they also have not really fell apart. They withstand a one year old's wear and tear. And they were only $2.99 a piece!

#OnceUponATime #DisneyReference 

I have about 5-6 old school cameras. They were part of our wedding centerpieces. Those were honestly one of my best antique store purchases. They look great no matter where you put them.

I finally got around to displaying my new cast iron bookends. Aren't they purdy? And the fire sprinklers fit in perfectly. They are The Mister's personal collection. 


So, for anyone looking for a small (read: cheap) change with a big impact, Ikea shelves are the way to go!