Monday, January 6, 2014

Disney Obsessed.

6 days into the New Year and I am already blogging about Disney! If you have hung out around this blog before or are friends with me on Facebook you already know that my obsession with all things Disney is kind of out of control. I research and hang out on fan sites and watch YouTube videos and read newsletters..I assure you (and The Mister) though, there are many people out there like me. I like to know everything I can because I like to be the person that people come to for Disney advice. Per usual with any Disney fan, they want to know more than the next. No one explains this better than one of my favorite Disney YouTubers - Sarah Snitch (her boyfriend is a real life Disney Prince #swoon).

Simply due to geography, I am a Walt Disney World person. I know there are big differences between Disneyland and WDW. One day I would like to visit the west coast and see DL, but for now I am busy planning my next WDW trip that doesn't even exist yet. The Mister knows all about my planning trips to Disney that don't exist. :)

My Disney obsession started at a child. I thought (knew) I was a Disney Princess. I have been to WDW 4 times in my life and cry every time we have to head home. I especially got into Disney when I was pregnant with Cy as we had already decided that we were taking a trip there in October 2013 (I was pregnant from November 2011-August 2012).  With all of that being said, if anyone needs help planning their trip to WDW please let me know as I could probably plan one in my sleep. And if it is your first time planning/going, it can be a pretty daunting task.

Since I don't have any real trips to plan, I turn to YouTube and Disney websites for my fix. Here are some of my favorites --

Sarah Snitch - Sarah is a former cast member and her channel(s) are filled with fun Disney stuff to binge watch on a daily basis!

One of these days I will do a write up of our recent Walt Disney World trip with some tips and tricks that I learned during the planning and trip process!

I also like to read a lot of Disney related books. Some are travel guides and some are behind the scenes books written by former cast members or Disney addicts. --

MouseJunkies 1&2

Stay tuned for much more Disney in the coming year!