Sunday, January 5, 2014

AntiGravity Yoga

Image via QuaterLifeConversations

This weekend my friend Olga and I tried out an AntiGravity Yoga class at Raffa Yoga in Cranston, RI. Let me start off by saying that Raffa is a stunning facility. They describe themselves as an "Active Relaxation Center" and it truly is just that. When you walk in there you are overcome with good energy and put at ease immediately. Their staff is amazing and our teacher, Kate, was very knowledgeable about her craft. She could pretty much have a full conversation with you all while hanging up side down in the perfect spider man pose. 

Image via RaffaYoga

AntiGravity Yoga was founded by a former gymnast and dancer by the name of Christopher Harrison. It uses moves from Pilates, dance, calisthenics and of course, yoga. The idea is that you can work on strengthening and stretching your body without compressing your spine or over stressing your joints.

I was super excited to take this class. I have only taken one (beginners) yoga class in my life. But, I do workout pretty regularly so I was up for the challenge and to try something new. I also thought since I do work out so much that it was going to maybe come easy to me. Well, I was VERY wrong. Not only was I wrong, but it also made me realize how much I need to work on my upper body strength! Also, it is an amazing core strengthener. The ab series during the class was intense. There was only one negative and that was I experienced a bit of motion sickness throughout the class. There is a constant rocking that happens (similar to the feeling of being on a boat) while you are on the hammock. I'm not sure if the sickness was just because I was a first timer and the whole sensation of being upside down/swinging was new to me. Or if I would get motion sickness every time I did it. 

All in all I had a great time trying something new and challenging myself. I would recommend everyone try it at least once. Even if you are a beginner to fitness, I would still try it because there are tons of pose modifications and I never once felt like I needed to be a "yogi" or in ridiculously good shape to do any of the poses. Including the upside down ones.

Olga and I made a pact to try some sort of new yoga class every month. So, we'll see what we can come up with next.