Friday, January 10, 2014

Ballin' Out - {Disney Style}

The last time The Mister and I hung out with all of our friends, I (after a few Grey Goose dirty martinis) tried to get everyone on what I like to call "The Disney Train."  I have this idea in my mind that in the very, very far away distant future all of our friends and all of our kids are going to go on this huge Disney trip (with a few paid babysitters) and have a grand ol' time. Sometimes I am met with looks of excitement and sometimes I am met with looks of confusion and dismay. Don't worry as obsessed with Disney as I am, I am used to the latter. 

Anywho, during my "Disney Train Campaign," I mentioned the fact that while on this big imaginary Disney trip it is possible to stay as a group in one huge mansion for a relatively cheap price. And it's true, house rentals in the Orlando area are not only easy to come by, they are actually really "cheap" considering how much an actual Disney vacation is and considering how big and luxurious the houses are you can rent for the week.

The best website to find any Orlando vacation rental is Here, you can find vacation homes as small as a 2 bedroom that sleeps 4 or as big as 10 bedroom mansions that sleep up to 24. Now, of course these huge mansions will run you anywhere from $7,000-$12,000 a week. But splitting that between a large number of people makes it so it is pretty much the price (per family) that you would be paying for a hotel room for the week anyways. And the benefit of renting the home is that it includes many more amenities than a hotel would....& you get to feel like a Disney baller for the week. #priceless

Okay, enough with the wall of words..let's get into the fun stuff--The beautiful houses! - 

All Images Via

All Images Via

Per All Star Vacation Homes website

"This beautiful vacation rental is located in the Homestead area of the upscale Reunion® Resort community and overlooking the 8th hole of The Independence™ golf course by Tom Watson, this superb 7-bedroom estate vacation home features 5,226 square feet of the ultimate in vacation luxury - including 4 king masters, HDTVs and Blu-ray players in all bedrooms, a private pool with spillover spa and a breathtaking golf course view! The home also features a home theater with 110" 1080p projector, formal and casual dining areas and a fully equipped eat-in kitchen. There’s also a game area with pool table and a 42" LCD TV, a 2nd floor patio balcony, a computer with complimentary high-speed and Wi-Fi Internet access and so much more!"

The price for something like this is going to be $7,942.77 for the week. Split between 16 people (which is the maximum for this house) is $492 per person or $992 per couple. IMO this is Orlando's best kept secret. If you are traveling with a huge group (and can stand each other in the same house for a week) Then this is your best bet at luxury living. And this particular home is one of the smaller options you have.

Disney World is not an easy place for a group vacation. There is a lot to do and a lot to see so staying in a large group within the parks for the day is nearly impossible. The best way to do a group vacation to 'The World is to stay in a house like this and meet for meals and/or shows/events. 

Can you tell that me and my cat named Minnie Mouse have thought of this before?! :) 

#ChronicDisneyVacationPlanner °0°