Friday, January 24, 2014

Fantasy Friday

If money were no object, my dream job would be a Walt Disney World Wedding Planner. As most of you know, I really love planning a party, especially a wedding. Bride and grooms just make me swoon...especially Disney bride and grooms. 

Heidi Ryder Photography

I re-tweeted one of the Disney Wedding's posts about an engagement photo shoot in Disneyland. And then they replied back! Of course, I loved it and it really made me fantasize about what being a Disney Wedding Planner would be like. I imagine it would be just as magical as going to Disney or as one of the weddings...with some family drama and flower arrangements mixed in, of course! 

My philosophy on weddings is that you should and can get whatever your heart desires...And I am pretty sure Disney Wedding Planners have the same philosophy, which is why it would be my dream job..making other people's wedding dreams come true!

In the mean time, I just found out that Disney Weddings has a blog called Ever After Blog so I will be over there pouring over the gorgeous pictures of people in love.