Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014 everyone!
I started this blog back in 2010. It was just a place to showcase crafting and parties that I had planned. Specifically my wedding. But, after the wedding, came the baby and since then I have not really had the time to focus on this lonely little blog.
So, my goal for 2014 is to blog every day and to maybe even do a few vlogs to "increase my exposure on social media" (not vain at all).
If you ever find yourself wandering around this page expect to see things being talked about from the following topics (among others) --
- Reality TV - I watch a little bit of everything. And saying "a little" bit of everything is probably an understatement. I am hoping for my vlog to be reality TV centered so stay tuned for that!

- Pop Culture
- Fashion
- Crafting
- Disney World - I am a Walt Disney World (obsessed) person, not a Disneyland person. But, that is simply due to geography. Also, I have a cat named Minnie Mouse so Disney is part of my life on a daily basis. :)
 - Decorating - There are a few projects going on in the C household this year that I am excited to be showcasing.
- Fitness - I am NOT a personal trainer or a fitness expert. I do however work out a lot. So I am assuming it will pop up at some point during this one year journey.
- Beauty Products - I went to school for skin care at Paul Mitchell in a past life (2006). I would in no way refer to myself as a beauty guru. But, I am a product junkie and love to spread the knowledge on things I like/don't like.
I would really like this blog to be pretty interactive. If you have something to say about something I am writing/not writing about please tell me in a comments. Feedback is welcome!
Thank you for taking this one year journey with me. I promise you will not be disappointed! Let's make 2014 a good one.
And, on a completely unrelated yet related note -
I found these FAB cast iron chair bookends at Barnes and Noble today that I had to make mine! I am looking forward to taking down all my Christmas decor to give these beauties a more permanent home on my shelves!