Thursday, January 9, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

For this edition of #tbt I thought I would throw it back to the blog post I wrote in 2011 in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. We lost power for 5 was definitely an experience to say the least.

A letter from the dark.

This is written from my iPhone copied off of a handwritten letter...(on scrap book paper, with a pink sharpie)

Dear outside world,

I am writing by "maglight" (heavy duty flash light) right now...yes, literally writing...I am going on my 38th hour of no power...Since Irene decided to rip through the streets of Edgewood and other parts of RI, I have been without electricity.

My electric stove won't go on, I have no hot water and my electronics are dying..

I have finally realized I am useless without electronics...a frizzed haired, wine drinking, trying to bring my cell phone charger to Walgreens, MESS..

So, all...3 of my followers at the moment...please save me a seat on the other side of this apocalypse...I will see you by Saturday at the latest (or so says the guy in the hard hat outside).

It's hard to type a blog on an iPhone