Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Disney World Wardrobe

I am admittedly obsessed with planning every little detail. Including my wardrobe choices. Whenever I have an event to attend my first thought it always "What am I going to wear?" Because of my meticulous planning, whenever we go away on a vacation or a weekend away I always know exactly what I am going to pack. So, this cuts down on the age old over packing situation. Don't get me wrong..this has taken practice. I was a chronic over packer for years. I was the fool that would be climbing up stairs with 7 bags and a make up case.

That brings me to our Disney trip. I have been planning this trip for close to two years now. And by planning, I really mean planning my (Disney themed) outfits.

My main concern when picking wardrobe for Disney is that they are dresses or shorts. Appropriate for a family environment. And, they of course need to have some sort of Disney theme. 

The tumblr account DisneyBound has given me all sorts of inspiration as well as things I have seen on Pinterest.

I also have to plan a Halloween type outfit for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. If you have never heard of this splendid event, you should look it up. Especially if you are as obsessed with Halloween as I am. This is the outfit I have chosen for that night..


You can't wear a full costume to Halloween Horror Nights, but I couldn't not wear something Halloween themed.

I also have some themed Tom's picked out for our trip. I came across some of these beauties while perusing Etsy...

I gorgeous are those? I always look at shoes as a work of art, but these take the cake. You are literally a walking canvas. 

So, I am going to have a few pairs made for my trip. Some Disney ones and also some superhero ones for when we visit Universal Studios/Islands Of Adventure. 

I did a bit of a superhero theme for the outfit I wore to Universal last time we went...this time I want to be a little more over the top with it...


I got the head band on......where else.... ETSY And I will most likely be buying another one for this trip.

As the time goes on I will have more outfits put together. And as an added bonus, I get to plan outfits for Cy which I am so very pumped about. I can't wait to coordinate with him. I always like us to match. 

Speaking of matching, the mister and I will be wearing these tanks during our week with The Mouse...


AND, speaking of hash tags and my obsession with Twitter I had to order this shirt right when I saw it..


What does everyone else do for vacation wardrobe planning?