Wednesday, February 12, 2014


For those that don't know, #ootd means - Outfit of the Day. I filmed yesterday and I mentioned a little bit about what I was wearing but I thought I would also include all the deets here. 

Outfit Details - Blazer|Anne Klein (consignment shop), Turtleneck|Target, 
Pants|Love Culture, Boots|Love Culture #ootd
In January, I went with some friends to a "private shopping" experience (dahhling) at a consignment store in Providence called Into the Wardrobe. In the throes of Prosecco and trying on clothes, I spotted this truly UH-may-zing Anne Klein blazer that literally fits me like a glove. And, I love me a good blazer. During the fall/winter I am ALWAYS in a blazer. I think it's all the years of watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians and idolizing Kris Jenner (don't hate) and her menswear style. I mean, I wore a bedazzled bow tie to my rehearsal dinner...