Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Product Junkie {Skin Care Edition}

I am much more of a skin care product junkie than I am a make-up junkie. When I get a make up product I usually have it and use it for a while. Whereas I usually go through a new cleanser every 2 months or so.

As far as cleaners, exfoliants, toners and moisturizers go, I am not really brand loyal and have used a lot over the years. Currently, I am using a line from Whole Foods called EO-Everyone Face For Every Day -

I really love this line and plan on continuing to use it. The cleanser does not leave that dry feeling and the exfoliant is gentle enough for every other day use. The toner does have alcohol in it (which is a no no in the skin care industry) but, I don't use it every day. The moisturizer is my all time favorite moisturizer I have ever used. It is so light and smells great. It does not have an SPF in it though. 

Now, although I cycle through brands with all the products mentioned above, there are products that I always find myself going back to. I am prone to breakouts, so these next three products are three that I have used to get my skin (quickly) looking back to normal.

This is one of the best products I have EVER used. If you have a breakout and/or acne scarring put this on the night before and the blemish will be almost gone by the next day. It is AMAZING. Beware though, make sure you wear sun screen when you are using this as it makes your skin very sensitive to sun exposure.

I was pleasantly surprised my this mask. Whenever I use it it tends to clear up my skin within minutes of using it. Not kidding, it works that quickly.

This is one of my other favorite masks. This also works very quickly and leaves your skin feeling tightened and glowy. Not to mention this smells divine! Beware though because it is made from all fresh ingredients (like all things from Lush) it expires rather quickly and you need to store it in the fridge. 

What are some of your favorite skin care products?