Sunday, February 23, 2014


I filmed yesterday therefore I was camera ready and in a cute outfit. So of course, I HAD to do an #OOTD blog post. This is actually the second time I have worn this dress (the horror!). Usually I don't like to be photographed in the same thing twice. But I have this rule that if I wear it for a different season, then it's okay. Basically meaning that I have to drastically change the look. PS - Fleece lined tights changed my life and my winter wardrobe. If you don't have a pair please run (don't walk) to your nearest Target and pick some up.

Dress | | Fleece Lined Tights | Target | Shoes | Cohoes
Blazer | Forever 21
The last time I wore this dress was in Disney World. I paired it with some Minnie ears and my one of a kind hand painted TOMS. I should do a blog post on those one of these days. I have two pairs and they got me through my whole Disney vacation and are now lovingly displayed in my craft room. They were one of the best purchases EVER.