Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dressing For Women vs. Dressing For Men

When I am outfit planning, my first thought is always Who is my audience? Back when my style and fashion sense was in it's young and formative years (which is a nice way of saying I didn't know WTF I was doing) I dressed a little bit more provocative. Now, don't get me wrong...if you're going to flaunt it, it may as well be in your early twenties BEFORE you have a baby. I have to work pretty hard nowadays to look somewhat similar to my pre baby body, so I am glad there is photographic evidence to look back fondly on.

Evidence - 


Disclaimer - I reserve the right to still dress with the slightest bit of provacative-ness for Halloween

My style has evolved from dressing to impress men (ahem, slutty) to dressing to impress women (aka - more sophisticated and fashion forward). There is something so much more satisfying about impressing a women with your outfit than impressing a man with your outfit. You see, men are simple creatures. They have no clue if you are wearing Louboutins or some tacky strapy sandals from Payless. A women however can see a Red Bottom coming from a mile away.


Obviously I am still into graphic tees! I wonder if that will go away with my twenties though? That's what I love about style and's always evolving. I know I will look back on some of these outfits and cringe. Most likely at some of the cat-centric outfits...Just kidding, I will never stop being a crazy cat lady.