Friday, March 7, 2014

Flash Back Friday {Decorating Your Hotel Room}

Since I have Disney on the brain at all times, I frequently look at all of my Instagram pictures from our last trip (doesn't everyone do this?). The Mister advises me to do this when I am asking him if we can go on another Disney trip soon. It usually curbs the asking for a few days. :)

While going through pictures the other day, this one popped up -

Since we went to WDW during the Halloween season and our house is decorated during this time, I thought I would bring a little taste of home.

I know that I am probably the only crazy one to go over the top like this..but, I will still include a few deets about this little Halloween vignette -

I got everything at Target or The Dollar Store before we left. Everything I brought with us was flat and could be packed. I got the purple bucket ($1) and the gourdes in the bucket ($2.99 for 12) at the Target we went to in Orlando to stock the room. And last but not least, 3M Command Strips are your friend.