Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Three Pieces of Advice

Today, I thought I would write about the three best pieces of advice that I have ever received. I mean, there has obviously been all kinds of advice that has been thrown my way, especially after becoming a parent. But, these single 3 pieces are pretty much my every day mantras.

1. Don't ever just assume that someone is smarter than you. - Enough said.

2. Just because someone does something differently doesn't mean it's wrong. - This is the precise reason why I loath mommy blogs. And pretty much the whole "mom vs. mom" culture.

3. Always remove one accessory before leaving the house. - I love this one. I don't wear a ton of accessories anyway. The idea of wearing a necklace, earrings AND a bracelet at the same time makes me wince. I usually like the outfit to speak for itself. I look at it this way - If designed correctly, a dress does not a need a lot of embellishment to make it a beautiful.

What are some pieces of advice that you have gotten?