Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Abandoned Places {Part Deux}

If y'all can believe it, WDW has another abandoned area on it's 48 square mile property. It is an island in the middle of Bay Lake called Discovery Island.

Discovery Island was essentially the first Animal Kingdom. It was a wildlife attraction/sanctuary that closed down in 1999. One year after Animal Kingdom opened its gates in 1998. To get to said island, you have to swim across the alligator infested Bay Lake. Rumor has it that there are still many species of birds that live on Discovery Island. Some urban explorers swam across the waters many years ago and got some photo evidence of the exploration.

DisneyDrawingBoard | Aerial view of Discovery Island in Bay Lake
Photo via Shane Perez

Photo via Shane Perez

Photo via Shane Perez | Old photos found on Discovery Island of cast members

Photo via Shane Perez | specimens found on the island

Photo via Shane Perez
There are many more photos of the abandoned River Country than there are of Discovery Island. Pretty much because River Country is on the Fort Wilderness campground and Discovery Island is island.

Happy Googling!!