Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Label Whores.

Bloggy Dedication - For the girls that think if every piece of clothing they put on their body is designer, they have great style...

I am going to start this off by saying I love me good designer clothing...If I had the money, I would, in fact, wear more labels...I would not, however, dress myself head to toe in top line designer labels...My name is not Rachel Zoe and I am not a celebrity stylist....

Personal style is not about the names you put all over your's about the time and effort you put in to your outfit, it's about dressing for your own body type and mostly importantly it's how your clothes make you feel in front of a mirror and walking into a room.

I have worn outfits that have cost me less than $40 and have gotten more complements on them then when I was wearing something more expensive....It's not about price's about confidence, creativity and always knowing you can pull something off.

One last thought --- If at any point in your life you have told someone "who you are wearing"  and you are not on the red carpet with a microphone in your face, go back and start at the top.