Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite {June} things...

Cookie Butter -

I discovered Trader Joe's Cookie Butter this month. I publicly declared it better than Nutella and I still stand by that fact. I am even thinking up some sort of dessert/cake creation for Cy's birthday party using Cookie Butter. I have been eating clean (if you can believe it) the entire month of June, so Cookie Butter was getting me through eating apples and bananas. It is simply divine. 

Beauty Blender - 

I have been recently looking to change up my makeup look. My usual highlight and contouring routine involved powders so I am looking into using creams instead. The Beauty Blender is the best tool (IMO) for achieving that natural, contoured, dewy look. I had gotten a BB when it first came out a few years back but didn't really know how to use it so I have been mainly using brushes to apply any and all face makeup. The trick is to wet the BB before applying/blending. I haven't tried out my routine yet as I had been waiting to get all of my supplies in. I will keep you all posted as to how everything comes out....via selfie, of course. 

Brazened Honey -

I have blogged about Lush before and I will continue blogging about it forever...I have never met a Lush product that I did not like. I am absolutely UHB-sessed with their fresh face masks specifically their Catastrophe Cosmetic blueberry based mask. This time when I went, I wanted to try something a little different so I went with the Brazened Honey and it is AMAZING. If you mask at night, your face will still smell heavenly in the morning. Not to mention that it makes your skin smooth and even. The other great thing about Lush is that if you return 5 empty pots to the store, you get a free fresh face mask! Lucky for me, this Brazened Honey was the 5th pot I needed...I can't wait to try something new next time...

#FitLife - 

I have been double sesh-ing it at the gym lately. You see, we have a busy summer coming up and with a busy summer comes lots of tight dresses to be worn. Tonight is boxing and spin...the perfect combo of upper and lower body!

Favorite {June} Blog Post - 

Take a lookie, cookie - 

Herbs and Spices - 

As I mentioned in a previous post, The Mister is a master gardener. We haven't had a ton of stuff to harvest this month as the summer is just getting started, but the herb part of his garden is blooming beautifully. We have had fresh basil, mint, cilantro, lavender and dill in the house for a few weeks now. Seeing them all displayed in mason jars and vases on the window sill above my sink makes me so happy and screams summer!

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