Friday, July 11, 2014

Wedding Recap {Reception}

Sorry for the late blog post y'all! The Mister, Cy and I just returned home from a week in Delaware! It was a ton of fun, but I am happy to be home to my Mouse (Minnie Mouse, the cat, that is).

Without further ado, here is our reception -

My mama helping me in my cupcake dress (her wedding dress, reconfigured).

#CostumeChangin' - The Mister (& the groomsmen) also had a costume change (which I totally forgot about until I found this picture). He changed out of a white bow tie and vest into a black bow tie and black cummerbund and also changed his shoes into those black and white beauties. They were the perfect change for the party!

The Mister and I's introduction song was "Informer" by Snow. Ya get the party going.

And, our first dance song was "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

As you can see, the upstairs of the Roger Williams Park Casino is very Renaissance-y and visually stunning. It was one of the reasons we picked the Casino. Once you left cocktail hour and headed upstairs for dinner, you are basically smacked in the face with the gorgeousness of it all. Which brings me to the centerpieces. It was very hard to choose what these were going to be. I didn't think we could do any type of dramatic floral centerpieces as I didn't want them to compete with the room. So, I decided to follow our loose "vintage" theme and decorate the tables the same way I would decorate a set of floor to ceiling shelves. By piecing things together from various antique stores/items that we found along our travels of wedding planning (so deep, I know).

I still wanted fresh flowers on the tables so I incorporated them within the vignettes. I also wanted pearls every where so I incorporated those as well. We had votive candles within all the centerpieces too, to tie everything together. Having centerpieces like this definitely took a little bit more work/organization but every.single.table. was different and unique and it was worth the work and creativity that I put into it. You won't find this on Pinterest..unless you decide to pin these pictures, of course!

I was pretty adamant about not stopping the party/dancing for anything...including the typical wedding things (cutting the cake, the garter etc) and we did all the parent dances/speeches during dinner. We did a small little "feed each other the cupcake" situation but only for pictures. We specifically told the DJ not to bring attention to us during it. And I did want to throw the bouquet...ya ham it up, of course. Which brings me to wedding tip #8 - If you don't want people wandering off during your reception don't play a ton of slow songs AND don't do any of those traditional wedding "things" where you have to stop the party to do. Those are the times people take smoke breaks and don't end up coming back to dance.

For our second favor, we had a Bloom Bar. We set a table up with different types of flowers, scissors, and twine and let people go crazy. I am still looking for another party to do this again...Not only was it eco friendly, but it also wasn't a chincy favor that people would forget about the next day. It also added more fresh flowers to the over all feel of the wedding since we had feather bouquets.

Another little touch - our wedding bands have each other's finger prints on them.

For our third and final looks (and since we were headed to Disney World for our honeymoon the next day) we both put on our Minnie and Mickey bride and groom ears. And I of course needed another pair of shoes to go with this look.

I finished off the night with a very Housewife-y outfit. A blazer and tea length skirt finished off with the perfect, vintage wrist length gloves. 

Random wedding tip # 9 - When you are planning out your playlist, stick to newer, party/dance songs. The reason why I say this is because the older crowd will dance to anything whereas the younger crowd will sometimes shy away from older songs. I had a strict "do not play" list that I gave to our DJ. Most of the songs on this list included all the typical songs you would hear at a wedding.#NoYMCA/CongaLinePlease

Obviously you can tell it was an amazing party.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a wrap up and vendor list!