Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Art of an Outfit + eBay Store

As I was going through all of my items that I am listing in my eBay store, it got my wheels turning as to how I conjure up an outfit. Most of the time my outfits are put together from the shoes up. Recently, however, I've started putting together the outfit first and then finding the shoes after the fact.

I will use my most recent #OOTN as an example...

In this particular outfit, the dress came first, then the hair...I went with straight hair because it was a sleek dress so I needed sleek hair. Once I picked out the dress/hair I knew I wanted mint pumps because of the mint in the dress. (Tip - Don't be afraid of a colorful shoe with a colorful dress. Just pick ONE color in the dress to match the shoe with). I went with a gray clutch because of the gray in the dress and because unless I am wearing all black, I think it's super tacky to match your shoes to your bag. I also thought that since the dress and shoe were a bit "loud" if you will, I needed to subdue the rest of my accessories. When I get my nails done for a look I always try to get them a color that can be found in whatever I am wearing...again, unless I am wearing all black and then I will usually use my nails as the pop of color. And, since this was a heavily pattered dress, it only needed a low key bracelet. 

Which brings me to accessorizing an outfit in general - I think accessories can make or break an outfit therefore I am very picky when it comes to jewelry choices...I usually like the dress or whatever I am wearing to speak for itself. I also have a rule that if my dress or shirt has a high, embellished neck already I will not touch a necklace with a 10 foot pole. IMO, necklaces are where people go wrong the most....if you ever have to wonder if you should wear a necklace with your dress, don't...A necklace should accentuate the look and if you SHOULD wear one, you will know right away. Rule of thumb - You should wear the accessories, the accessories should not wear you.

Example of a dress that simply did not need a necklace. If I was her stylist I would have lost the necklace, and gave her a pile of blingy bangles as well as a cocktail ring. - 

So there you have it, my thought process when it comes to an outfit. #Stylist4Hire

On that note, my eBay store is up and running! Take a lookie, cookie! -