Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I had the pleasure of visiting one of my nearest and dearest friend Dawn's hometown this past weekend. Her parents have a lake house so we spent the weekend date nighting, watching movies that we've seen a million times, taking selfies, paddle boarding and relaxing by the water. The weather was not great, but the gorgeousness of the lake made up for the cloudy sky.



#TheLimitDoesNotExist as to how many times you can watch Mean Girls (Or Cruel Intentions for that matter)

Waking up to this for two mornings was something I could definitely get used to!



Paddle boarding was definitely tougher than I thought it would be! It's of course a core workout but even more so it's an arm workout. I was proud to even be able to get on the paddle board...I am not very adventurous so being in the middle of the lake with only a board and an oar was definitely out of my comfort zone. #CityGal

On Saturday night we got all dolled up and went out on the town. While her home town is not as big or as bustling as Providence, it definitely has its own charm and it was so nice to see where my bestie grew up! I miss #LakeLife and my biffle (&sleeping in) already!