Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Science of Twitter

I have been a member of Twitter since 2009. I originally joined during a Facebook boycott (aka I deleted my FB) and needed a change of social media scenery. At that time Twitter just started (#TwitterHipstah) and seemed so much simpler as you only could use 140 characters to express yourself as opposed to the countless things on Facebook you can do to exploit your life. As time went on, I grew to love Twitter for it's instant access to news/pop culture/reality TV stars. You see, reality TV shows film with a 6-8 month lead the time everything airs, it's usually old news. What Twitter allowed was for me to really see what was happening behind the scenes when reality stars (usually of the housewife variety) found out with the rest of the world what their co-stars said about them 6 months ago on camera.

Once I was bitten by the Twitter bug, I could not get enough. Especially when I started to get celebrities to retweet/favorite my tweets. Nothing beats live tweeting during any Bravo show and having one of their stars notice you! I have been retweeted/favorited by everyone from Ramona Singer to Giuliana Rancic. It's definitely an (social media) ego boost. As of right now, I at least have someone of some sort of fame retweeting/favoriting me about once a's a good streak to be on!


Sometimes I wonder what gets me noticed as opposed to other people, and I think it has to do with - A - How long I have been on Twitter and how many tweets I have and - B- How many people I follow/how active I am. Not to mention that live tweeting a show/event with the respective #hashtag is always a good way to get noticed too.


It also helps to tweet after the fact. Sometimes I will be catching up on shows during nap time and will tweet about them and get noticed because there isn't an influx of show related tweets going to that person at 2 pm on a Thursday (#StayAtHomeMomPerks).


Twitter is definitely still my favorite social media network. I think that you can cast a bigger line on a larger group of people than you can on FB. Not to mention that Twitter can be public whereas FB tends to be a little more private. So as someone that is looking to expand their image in the social media world, Twitter is a great tool for me (or anyone) to use.


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