Monday, August 11, 2014


Plato's Closet and Clothes Mentor

After my "fashion pop-up shop" on eBay ended, I decided to take any clothes and shoes that didn't sell to Plato's Closet and Clothes Mentor. As luck would have it, The Mister and I visited his family in the Capital Region last weekend where they have both of those stores.

For those that are unfamiliar with what Plato's Closet and Clothes Mentor are...they are basically a consignment shop that gives you money upfront for your gently worn clothes/shoes/accessories. They usually don't take everything you bring, and they don't give you an exorbitant amount, but it's nice to walk out with cash for clothes that you are ready to part with. Plato's Closet is more of a Forever 21-ish/Wet Seal/targeted at a younger crowd type of store..whereas Clothes Mentor is more for the "business casual" crowd. Luckily I had items for both stores and made out with $40 all together. I usually just donate my clothes, so being able to walk out with a little bit of money was a bonus.

LA Fitness Show Up -

A few weeks back I had to brave the monstrosity (#Dramatic) known as LA Fitness. My trainer took a much needed vacation but I still wanted to get my three days of spin I printed myself a three day guest pass and went to workout at a place that has steroid warnings in the bathroom. Long story short, while I am using the last day of my guest pass, I see someone doing push ups in the yoga position known as "crow." I, of course, see this as some sort of challenge that the universe has now placed on me and proceed over the next few weeks to learn how to do it. I posted the video on Insta/FB (#Duh) yesterday and thought I would share it here today as I am pretty proud about learning it. My next short term goal is to be able to get myself up into a handstand...for Instagram, of course...

Fall 2014 -

It's only August, you say? Well, for a Fall lover like me (my birthday is the day after Halloween, I was literally born into it) once August hits it's time for me to start thinking of blazers, skulls and some Football food (oh my!)..And let's face it - blogging is just better around the holidays. So, while I am enjoying these last few days of warm weather, I am having visions of (glittery) Halloween decorations in my head.