Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Top Ten Extraneous Walt Disney World Vacation Items

I haven't done a Disney post in a while and whenever I talk to people about their upcoming Walt Disney World vacation, I am always naming off these extraneous (aka items that are not included in other WDW planning blogs) items for them not to forget. With that being said, I thought I would make a top ten list of items that mustn't be forgotten on your next Walt Disney World vacation.

1. Ear Planes - If you are anything like me, the plane is the biggest obstacle that stands in between you and any vacation that is not drive-able. I not only have an extreme plane phobia (hello, Xanex) but I also have inner ear issues that cause my head to be clogged up for days after a plane trip. Enter the best little things ever invented - Ear Planes! Ear Planes are little ear plugs that regulate the inner ear pressure being 50,000 feet above the ground causes. In my case, I always need the children's size because my ears are so small (the bigger ones don't work for me so keep that in mind when you are purchasing) so I always have to order them on Amazon. You can also find them at your local CVS. I will never fly without my Ear Planes ever again. As a matter of fact, my usual pre-flight nightmares are riddled with forgetting my Ear Planes and Xanex...that's how important those things are to my vacation experience!

2. Heavy Duty Straps - This one will be most popular among the "parents of kids under 5" set. When we went to WDW last October we knew we needed Cy's car seat and stroller. Both of these things were going to be gate checked which meant The Mister and I had a whole lot to carry to the airplane that would be shipping us off to vacation paradise. This is where having an Engineer as a husband comes in handy as The Mister had the amazing idea to purchase heavy duty straps with a handle. This made it so the car seat and stroller weren't so awkward to carry and also made it so the air plane staff that were gate checking our stuff were *extra* careful as they weren't moving around awkward to carry items. 

3. Garbage Bags - I think this applies to any and all vacations that you are staying in a hotel. IMO those tiny garbage bags that they give you never supply enough room (especially if you still have a little one in diapers). So bringing along a few extra regular sized garbage bags is always a good idea.

4. Child Proofing - Since WDW has yet to provide already child proofed rooms (you heard it here first) bringing your own child proofing is the way to go. Luckily I already have a blog devoted to child proofing in hotel rooms. Take a lookie, cookie. 

5. An in-depth food shopping list/meal plan - Everyone knows that most of what you are spending your money on with a WDW vacation (if you plan properly) is your meals. Knowing this, The Mister and I always plan to have breakfast and lunch in our hotel room when we are visiting 'The World in order to save money for nicer, sit down meals. Now, that doesn't mean that the meals you have in your room should be boring. Even though you aren't necessarily "cooking" anything, you can still make your meals fun and exciting. That will also entice you to WANT to go back to your room to eat. So, with a little planning before your trip you can have great meals in your room for half the price of a Quick Service hot dog. Not to mention that going shopping in the beginning of the week greatly reduces your food budget and allows for nicer dining experiences a few times during your trip.

6. Decorations For Your Hotel Room - If you are planning to visit 'The World around any major holiday, I encourage you to bring decorations to theme out your room. It will just make it so you are constantly surrounded by theming. Not to mention, it makes your room way more inviting and fun! 

7. A Folder - Whether it be an accordion folder or a regular cardboard two fold, you are going to be collecting so many "paper-type" items on your trip. Having a folder with you allows everything to be in one place and organized for when you get home and want to throw a scrap book together!

8. Detachable Stroller Organizer/Cup Holder (preferable soft sided) - Although we had a stroller with a cup holder already built into it, our detachable cup holder/organizer came in such handy while traipsing around 'The World. Not only did it offer a larger cup holder but it also offered a place to put things such as a PhotoPass, or some cash. The reason why I say you should probably get a soft sided one is because it's easier to transport. Since you will most likely be gate checking your stroller, you will want to make sure any removable pieces of the stroller are easy to store and lay flat in your suitcase. 

9. Gum - This is a pretty well known one but I thought I would add it any way - In order to keep the ground of WDW sparkling, you can not buy gum anywhere on the WDW resort so be sure to BYOG (bring your own gum) if you are used to smacking your day away. 

10. Christmas Ornaments - One of the best ideas I have ever seen in regards to a character autograph "book" is bringing a pack of cheap glass bulb shaped Christmas ornaments and a colored marker that will show up on the ornament. Instead of having the characters sign an expensive autograph book, have them each sign an ornament. It's perfect if you are looking to have a Disney themed Christmas tree in the future (cough cough, me) or if you just want to add a little spark to your existing Christmas tree flair.