Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Traveling with a Toddler {Child Proofing}

The Mister, Cy and I went on a trip to Delaware last week. As with any trip to a hotel, I always bring along my bag of child proofing tricks. Cy is definitely a child that needs child proofing anywhere he goes, so I have to be prepared for anything. Here are a list of my supplies and some tips and tricks -

We stayed in a Staybridge Suites and ended up getting upgraded to a one bedroom suite. Staying at a Staybridge ensured there was a full kitchen and separate bedroom. We never know if we will be upgraded to a one bedroom so I always bring all my supplies just in case I need to create a little sleeping nook for Cy if we get a studio room. Later in the summer we are going on a trip that we will most likely only be in a studio. I will be sure to do a follow up to show what that would look like. This time, it was not needed.

Supplies -

1. Corner protectors - Self explanatory | 2. Cabinet closers - The kitchen in our suite did not have cabinets with handles so I did not use these but always bring them just in case. | 3. Command strips - For creating a sleeping nook if need be. | 4. Yarn - The amount of uses for yarn is exponential so I always have a roll. | 5. Outlet covers - Self explanatory - I always leave the outlet covers in the room after we leave to pay it forward. | 6. Scissors - Self explanatory | 7. Video monitor - This is obviously optional if you don't already have one at home...ours came in handy as Cy was in a different room as us when he went to sleep. | 8. Velcro squares - We actually mount the camera part of the video monitor set on the wall with Velcro for a temporary mount. | Not pictured - A flat sheet for the sleeping nook, a $10 wooden gate from WalMart and a roll of clear duct tape.

Tip - Once you get to the hotel room move every piece of furniture that is not bolted down to the perimeter of the room for more play space -



As you can see in the pictures above, the TV stand had a crap ton of drawers on it. Since my cabinet closers were not big enough to fit on these handles, this was my solution -


I also duct taped the kitchen cabinets (not pictured) closed as well because Cy is a big fan of opening/closing cabinets and climbing in them. We usually have a gate blocking off our kitchen at home but for this trip our gate was used to block off the bedroom during the day.

Like I said, having all of those supplies with you will allow you to come up with a solution for any sort of child hazard while on the road. The trick is being prepared..I have my travel child proofing supplies on hand at all times already in a Ziploc bag, ready to pack on a moments notice. Gathering all supplies beforehand will make for easy packing and preparedness. Stay tuned for our trip later in the summer...I will have pictures of what one of my "sleeping nooks" looks like.