Monday, July 14, 2014


Product Junkie - 

I mentioned in a previous post that I am attempting to now do my highlighting and contouring with cream based foundations and concealers instead of powders. It has been working out really well. I have a new favorite foundation (L'Oreal True Match) and I am still getting used to working with the Beauty Blender as opposed to my Sephora stippling brush. The BB definitely gives your foundation a more airbrushed look, which I appreciate and the foundation is a medium coverage so it's great in conjunction with the BB for a light, airy, summery look.

Biting the Trend Bullet - 

I finally had to bite the trend bullet and buy myself a pair of black strappy sandals. I got them at The Shoe Dept. (online) and they were only $12.98! I was excited about that because I never like to spend a ton of money on trendy items. Alas, I got this amazing jumpsuit at H&M (for $4.95 I might add) that needed this pair of shoes. Stay tuned for an #OOTD!

Real Housewives of NJ -

As all of you Housewives fans know, RHONJ started last night and it was a crazy one (per usual). Here is my take - The three new girls I am "meh" on right now. I need a few more episodes to form a proper opinion. I feel so bad for the Guidices...especially Gia. Their lives just seems so sad right now. I am happy to see Dina back! She was always a favorite of mine on Jersey Housewives and it's nice to see her back into the dramz. We shall see what kind of drama the ladies can pull out this season!